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East Coast Grass Fed Beef is No Good

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    Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
    I think he's trying to sell you his beef.

    Shop Rite often has whole grassfed beef tenderloin imported from Australia for $6.99/lb. It was actually on sale last week for that price. It isn't stringy. It isn't as tender as a grainfed beef tenderloin, that is true, but it is so much more flavorful it is unbelievable. USDA beef is flat and tasteless by comparison.
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      That seller is putting you on, big time. Yes, I find grass-fed beef to be less tender also but with more flavor. But I think a lot of the difference is in the aging. Commercial beef is wet-aged usually 3 days. Several grass-fed beef farmers will dry-age their beef for you and sometimes will do it up to a full week. That will be tender beef. A rancher in Montana dry-ages his grass-fed beef for 8 days for very pricey restaurants.

      If you get grass-fed beef that is not aged at all it is really, really tough, but any beef would be.
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