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Heart flutters anyone?

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  • Heart flutters anyone?

    I'm new, 2 weeks into my new Primal lifestyle - I'm experiencing heart flutters. No other symptoms other than a little flutter in the center of the chest which is noticable 10-20 times per day. No lightheadedness, no dizziness, no other cardiac symptoms. Monitoring my heart rate - when a flutter occurs - no change in rate or rhythm of heart beat. I am a chiropractor, not a cardiologist, but this doesn't actually feel like it's cardiac, but it's hard to tell.

    I'm not too concerned about it it - as I have had others who have made diet changes report to me similar findings which go away as the body gets used to a higher fat utilization for energy. Any ideas or experience?

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    Palpitations could be caused by electrolyte imbalance, potassium is the most common deficit. Use more salt and eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium to see if this helps. Oranges, OJ, bananas, kale liver, oysters, potatoes, sweet potatoes, salt your food, etc.

    Beginning primal people cut out certain foods that may have been their source for what they're missing now. I'd track your food on a site like to see if you're low in anything and go from there.
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      also, avocado.
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        Upping the foods recommended and am taking a potassium/magnesium supplement - I actually have one. Some reduction in overall number of flutters per day - but they continue. No pain. No other symptoms.


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          You should probably see your doctor who will order some labs and check your electrolytes and most likely send you to a cardiologist. You should find out if you are having premature atrial contractions (PAC) or premature ventricular contractions (PVC) or you could even be going in and out of atrial fibrillation (not good). Some people (like me) have a sensitive myocardium and like to have potassium levels on the high normal side so even if your potassium/Mag is normal you may need to run higher.
          Coffee and alcohol will also cause this. I used to get palpitations at work after I had eaten lunch so I naturally assumed it was some kind of GI spasm or something (I am an ICU RN ) so I hooked myself up to the cardiac monitor and sure enough I was having both PACs and PVCs. A couple of weeks later (before I could see a cardiologist) I went into A-fib with a rate into the 200's. I now have to take 3 meds to control the afib and PVCs and my cardiologist says that I healthy but irritable heart.
          Get checked out by your MD.


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            I didn't comment because I was hoping a chiropractor--really ANYONE--would have enough sense to at leas have run an ECG before writing it off. Yes they are a crapshoot, but it at least rules out anything obvious.

            I have "sinus tachycardia" after a bad reaction to a medication. Which means my rhythm is totally normal, but the nerve that slows down my heart was damaged. I take a medication and avoid caffeine and it's all good. But I sure didn't say "there's a flutter in my chest, I wonder what the internet thinks of it" LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
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              I have zero history of cardiac issues or arrhythmias and this new symptom started exactly 7 days after starting the primal eating. I run a weight loss clinic and have had several people over the last year or two who have had flutter type symptoms after starting our low carb diet. This may simply be a coincidence and we all know that two things which occur in close proximity do not necessary have a causal relationship - no matter how much that seems to be the case. However, since I have helped others through this type of thing before with some minor nutritional tweeks, I wondered whether this was a common finding among the primal group. That is the reason I posted it here...And, the fact that my usual tweeks have not done the trick on me. However, we're dealing with a symptom which started only Monday, and today is Friday.

              I will be seeing my MD this weekend and will discuss with him and get things ordered as appropriate.


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                My doctors and I have mused about why mine happened to me, it is a very rare reaction to the medication so it seems like I must have been easy to push over the edge, and then I ended up having every POSITIVE side effect know from the medication (metoprolol) which has made my obesity easier to manage...

                When I hear that people who need to lose weight seem to be easy to push off rhythm it makes me wonder if there is an connection between that instability and obesity...
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                  Well to contribute to the topic my wife is a hospital RN. She was having palpitations during her shift (3rds). We did run an ECG and whatnot. Ruled out the bad stuff. Diagnosis we came to was bigeminy. Moved her to day shift and got her circadian rhythm back on track. Increased her sodium. No more palpitations. Been well for over a year now. Some people are more susceptible than others under certain stresses.

                  While I was walking the dog thought I should add that she was not Primal when she got the palpitations. Going Primal, ditching sugar, reducing caffeine, AND going to first shift were all part of what we did to get her body functioning better and abnormal rhythm resolved.
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                    Only had this happen a few times, and it was totally correlated with sexy primal ladies posting pictures in their skivvies or bikinis.
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                      Getting more sun and supplementing D has stopped mine completely.
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                        Just thought I'd update on the heart flutter. It lasted one week, and is gone. Went to MD, had ECG, completely normal. He listened to heart and did some exams, he felt cardiac was not my problem. I informed him of Primal, of course, he'd never heard of it - although he thought it sounded great. I told him about how I feel I may have been a closet, un-diagnosed celiac patient as I feel tremendously better now without the grains. He agreed and thought that my flutters were really GI system getting accommodated to my new way of eating. He recommended to continue diet, re-start exercise program and not to worry. Watch and report.

                        So, for now, problem solved with simply letting my body adjust to the new eating program of Primal. Feeling great, by the way, dropped 10 pounds now in 2.5 weeks. About 10 more to go to reach my ideal / goal weight.


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                          I work as a carefully nurse and the sensible thing is to see a dr

                          Hope all is well


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                              Sorry just seen All was good!

                              Excellent result