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Concise, clear resource on the biochemistry of Primal/low carb eating?

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  • Concise, clear resource on the biochemistry of Primal/low carb eating?

    Hello eveyone. I've just finished Mark's book and I'm struggling to fully follow his explainations around the biochemistry of Primal eating. I've read lots of threads including Griff's cholesterol primer, and have watched a few of Taubes' lectures. I'm starting to follow it but would like something a bit more comprehensive, yet within the reach of a lay person (haven't had a chem class since college 20 years ago).

    I guess my ultimate goal is to be able to white board the arguments that Taubes/Sisson are making, but I'm just not able to tie it all together yet.

    Can someone recommend some alternative resources that I might look at?

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    Just reread my post and want to make it clear that it's not that I don't buy the arguments, it's just that I want to better be able to explain them.



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      I would recommend that you read Taubes' book Good Calories, Bad Calories. It's a lengthy read, and in some chapters he gets a bit technical, but it's all very well explained.
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        the blog "the daily lipid" has a good overview of cholesterol biochemistry - also some stuff on lipid metabolics and so on...
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          An easier book to understand is the vegetarian myth by Lierre Kieth. She is a hippy feminist so she her writing may annoy you at times but she covers nutrition in the last third of her book and does a very good job of demolishing whats wrong with vegetarian diets and an adequate job of talking about why grains are bad for you and why meats and fats are good, if I remember correctly.
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