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do you cut the fat off of meat?

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    Originally posted by elfman5150 View Post
    I cut the meat off the fat.....Then I eat the meat and save the fat for dessert. Gotta save the best for last, right?

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      I don't.


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        Last night we ate at a fancy steakhouse restaurant for our city's "restaurant week". My Dad cut the fat off of his steak, so I just ate it myself! I also tend to ask my Mom all the time for the skin from her fish. I mean honestly, fish skin tastes incredible, especially if it has a nice char to it. Crap. Getting hungry now...


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          Originally posted by Huarache Gal View Post
          I do cut the fat off. I know its good for me but I just can't handle the texture. My dog is very happy to take care of it though.
          Haha, I bet he is! My dog looks just like your dog, he gets the fat too.....sometimes.
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            I eat the vast majority of fat, unless its something like pork steak where the fat is still hard not crispy. Beef and chicken fat is almost always good to eat though.
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              omg! NOOOOO! Well... maybe yes - I cut if off and eat it first!
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