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Need Guidelines to Nutritional Values and a food list :)

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  • Need Guidelines to Nutritional Values and a food list :)

    A link to a thread about this would be fine as well. I am 1 $5 Amazon gift card away from purchasing the Primal Blueprint book so will check that when it gets here as well.

    What I need is a percentage of fats/protein/carbs for a weightloss diet and also a list of foods as examples to go with. So far I am very confused as to how many MUFAs and PUFAs, etc I am or am not supposed to eat. I have about 62 lbs more to lose...I'm a chick if that matters .


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    Everything you really need to know can be found here: and here:

    I like a 60% fat / 30% protein / 10% carb ratio for fat loss. Lots recommend higher fat %.

    If you're not already doing so, try tracking on for a bit just to get the feel for percentages.


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      Thank you! I have been trying out fitday...I think my biggest concern right now is the fat content. I've been seeing all this talk about too much PUFA and MUFA, need more saturated fat, etc....I do not know what types of fat I am supposed to be eating and in what quantities.