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What should I eliminate from diet to find foodintolerance?

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  • What should I eliminate from diet to find foodintolerance?

    Hi guys. I've been mostly paleo for a few months with a few exceptions (i buy conventional meat, I drank a soda every now and then, and I eat maybe 100gram of 85% chocolate every week - and I don't lift yet).

    The symptoms I had before, which made me go paleo, are mostly gone. Before paleo, I had instant reactions after every meal, no matter what I ate, and I was always bloated looking 6 months pregnant.

    I still have problems though. My nose is always runny (and has been for years), I have little energy (never had much), but most importantly - my stomach still gets upset and/or bloated sometimes. I have a suspicion that I don't tolerate heated/cooked tomato very well - but other than that, I don't know what to eliminate to find the last culprits.

    I eat mainly:
    Different veggies, various meats such as chicken, beef and pork, salmon, nuts/homemade pestos, carrots, apples, different melons, bananas, 85% chocolate, various spices, eggs and homemade mayo with avocadooil. And of course loads of avocado. I also sometimes eat bacon without additives and sausages made with tapioca flour.

    My stomach reacted after eating squashgetthi with tomatosauce, and also after a beefstew with a tomatobased sauce. I don't seem to react badly to raw tomatoes, but I'm not sure. But I have reacted at other times aswell and I'm not sure which food may be the bad guy. I checked out the low fodmap diet and I don't really eat many foods on the culprit list.

    Which foods should I eliminate to find out, and for how long?

    Thanks - Katharina

    Edit: I forgot to mention, the last month my body has increasingly been asking for more meat and fruits, and less veggies. I get stomach aches if I eat to many veggies.
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    Nightshades. Tomatoes are a nightshade. Those are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers (and spices derived from peppers). Are those tomato sauces you used made from scratch or purchased? If purchased, what were the ingredients?

    I don't see dairy on your list, but do you eat dairy?

    You could also try eliminating nuts and eggs at some point. Those can be common irritations for people with autoimmune conditions.
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      Some common possibilities: Nightshades: Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers of all kinds

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        I see a lot of people eating a huge variety of food having difficulties pinning down the culprits.

        Simplify. Eat only maybe 3 different foods per meal. Eat more of them so you are satisfied, and keep a diary of what you ate and how you feel at whatever time of the day.

        It's time to test that cooked vs raw tomatoes concern. So don't eat tomatoes for a couple of days. Try it one way, then the next day try it the other.