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    My band played a great gig last night and afterwards we all stopped to get some food at 2 in the morning. I was hungry and thirsty, even though I had 2-3 pitchers of water that night.

    I knew it was a bad idea, and even said out loud as I was eating, "I will regret this tomorrow"...and I am.

    I ate a double whopper with cheese, onion rings, and a huge soda - DUMBASS!!! I was in so much pain after I woke up this morning. I have been eating clean for nearly 7 months and this is the first time since I started PB that I have had ANY fast food beef - lesson learned. I'm not doing this again - I guess I just needed the reminder. I will remember this the next time I have the opportunity to eat garbage and will make a better decision.
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    The old way of thinking can be insidious.


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      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
      The old way of thinking can be insidious.
      Indeed. I find my worst opponent in the delicious-looking pizza ads that come up on TV in the evenings. Pizza used to be my binge food. I still fight that dragon.

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        Originally posted by LerxstFan View Post
        I ate a double whopper with cheese, onion rings, and a huge soda - DUMBASS!!! I was in so much pain after I woke up this morning.
        Probably the soda was the worst bit.
        Just have the the best burger with salad and toss the sugary bun.

        Better still, bring food or use the opportunity to fast.

        Good reminder it is junk though


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          haha nice. When my body asks for junk, I give it junk. I then wait my turn to say "I told you so!", which inevitably comes through.

          The next time I ask my body if it wants the same junk, it gets nauseous in reply.
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            I'm a slow learner. After 7 months PB I thought it would be OK to have some Mexican food (my love). Had the trots all night and Lord have I been sick today. Some day I'll learn. No means no. That's a hard one for me.
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              If you find yourself in that situation.. just get the burger and skip the fries coke. Fries/coke probably did the damage.


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                Onion rings fried in god knows what nasty oil combined with the soda really did the number on you.

                The burger was probably the most healthy item of the 3 and you could have probably had 3 or 4 and not been as harmed compared to the deadly combo of fried poison and sugary death syrup.


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                  I've learned that if I cheat on sugar, I get sick almost immediately. Usually a cold. :P
                  You'd think that'd be enough to stop me from cheating, but it's not! I still give in to temptation when someone leaves an open bar of chocolate lying around, then pay the price a day or so later.