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    Hi All,

    I'm looking forward to getting back on the paleo wagon in just under a week!

    Last spring and summer I was strict primal and I was able to lose 40 lbs. quite easily - I also had more energy (which meant I got outside and went for longer walks), clearer skin and my seasonal allergies were almost non-existent! I was well on my way to being a primal success story.

    But then a death in the family meant a last minute road trip (with little time to shop or prepare) and I started to get off track there - though I still was doing 70-80% primal. That was followed by the holidays and before I knew it I was only eating one meal a day that was paleo. Then around late winter I started having severe abdominal pain attacks that lasted for 3-5 hours, woke me from sleep and twice sent me to the emergency room because I thought I might be dying, and at the very least something was obviously quite wrong. (Prior to this year I had NEVER been to the ER for myself, even when I had gallbladder attacks before I had it removed almost 4 years ago).

    That started a long succession of doctor visits and testing including a blood test for celiac, an MRI, and ultrasound. Finally got a referral to the GI doctor and next week, two months after our initial consult, I'm finally getting endoscopic testing to look for celiac (since the blood test can have false negatives) and IBD. (And, less likely, cancer).

    In the three months from my MRI to now I've been eating a SAD diet in an effort to get an accurate diagnosis. But next week, after the test, I finally get to go back to paleo, with a renewed appreciation for all it's done for me.

    Besides the fact that I think it started to heal gut issues I didn't even know I had (I got into primal just for weight loss - and I think the healing that happened made the problem more obvious when I fell off the wagon), I can also now tell the difference in my skin and my allergies on a SAD diet, compared to just last summer when I was eating primal.

    Even though I'm eager to get back on the paleo wagon, I know it won't be easy after eating a pretty crap diet for the last three months. So I made a facebook group for a 21 Day Paleo Challenge for support for myself and any interested friends, family and internet strangers. If you need to get back on the wagon like me - or are looking to challenge yourself with a stricter paleo plan that you are currently following - we would LOVE to have you -

    It's totally free, and you get to pick your plan - I'm doing an AIP/GAPs paleo elimination diet - I've got a friend in the group doing Mark's 21 Primal Challenge and another friend trying Diane Sanfilipo's 21 Day Sugar Detox.

    Anyway - we'd love to have you! Here's the link again:

    (It's a closed group, so you'll have to request access to the group - but I won't say no to anyone, it's more for privacy's sake).
    Healthy Bucket List:
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    • Hike the Appalachian Trail
    • Do a real pull-up
    • Run a 5k
    • Be "Hot For Training Camp"

    Check out my journey at Outdoor Amy's Blog.