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  • Pregnant and Paleo

    So just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 last Friday. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 9 months and no luck.

    I started paleo almost two months ago and started noticing changes right away. At that point I just shut the whole idea of another baby out of my mind and began to focus on my well being and physical image. I stopped tracking my cycles and continued to exercise daily. And what do you know? The one cycle I don't track- I'M PREGNANT! Of course we are so excited! I am giving all of the credit to the paleo lifestyle. I think focusing my energy on being healthy and not stressing over "trying" to constantly get pregnant really helped. The only downer? I have no idea when my last menstrual period was. So now I have no clue what my due date is. All I know is that it is sometime in March! Frustrating!

    Here are a few of my questions now that I have a little background out of the way!

    1. Should I be increasing my fruit intake? I am currently at 1-2 per day.

    2. I read somewhere online (some paleo site) that pregnant women should limit their daily protein intake. Why?

    3. This morning sickness is no joke! It hits me really hard in the evenings. I have to choke down dinner. Any mamas out there with some suggestions?

    4. Are jumping rope and box jumps still okay during pregnancy? I worked out pretty hard before but I just want some insight on what other previously/current pregnant women are doing?

    Thanks in advance for the responses!

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    Here are a couple of posts from my website that may help:

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      Thanks, I will check the links out!