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Newbie.. Primal for the whole family?

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  • Newbie.. Primal for the whole family?

    Hello everyone! I am 31 y/o Female mother of 4 boys! I have been introduced to the Primal lifestyle and LOVE IT the only problem is I am about 75/25% Primal and want to be 100%. I find it hard to do when I am constantly on the go or have to be up bright and early for work. I have found hard boiled eggs getting boring to eat on those early mornings but to satisfy the hunger.

    On to my question. My desire is to have my kids MOSTLY if not completely Primal as well. I have a son who is ADHD and I feel that his food choices play a BIG part on his behavior, the challenge... He lives at my house and his dad's house. I have him for a whole month this summer and I am hoping to prove to his dad that by changing his diet can totally help his behavior and get him off the medication. My cousin has done this with her son and I believe it can be done with mine as well.

    Are their any web sites for fun easy yummy kid recipes?

    What about fast easy on the go breakfasts?

    I also am over weight and have a good 150 pounds if not more to lose. I have way more energy and feel 100 times better when I am not eating processed foods or grains. I have been doing it for about a month now.


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    Welcome! I'm 33 and a mother of 6 (only I have 5 girls and 1 boy). As for kid friendly... I have found that just sticking a big bunch of meat in the slow cooker (with a little salt and onion powder... maybe some garlic) is just the thing. I do allow my kids a small amount of organic ketchup (Trader Joes has only 2 grams of sugar per serving... most others have 4), just a tablespoon or two, to eat with it. So, basically, most dinners around here are meat, and then I serve it with a veggie and fruit. The vegetable can be as simply as salad thrown in a bowl (romaine or spinach), a streamed veggie with butter and salt, or some kind of actual veggie dish. I do "Paleo baking" for the majority of the breakfasts around here. I always bake the night before though. It took a LOT of trial and error to find some good recipes, but I now have a "basic bread recipe" that can actually be toasted, then add some butter and serve with scrambled eggs. There is a pumpkin bread recipe that we love, and a couple other quick bread recipes that utilize mostly coconut flour and tapioca flour. For lunch (especially on the run) we do cheese sticks, pumpkin seeds or other nuts, apples, and bacon Jerkey. Sometimes just leftover dinner for lunch if we are home. A couple easy favorites for us are bun less burgers, or browned meat mixed with salsa. HTH


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      Thank you so much for the reply. My older two boys are SO picky and stuck on nasty food habits from living at their dads and some here to be honest with you. I try to break them a little at a time.

      Can you share some of your recipes? I'd like to stick to coconut flour more than Almond flour because almond flour is so dang expensive!


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        I recommend "Eat like a dinosaur" book for the kids friendly recipes.
        There are some mixed opinions on almond flour due to omega-6 issue.
        My daughter doesn't like either coconut flour or almond flour, so I use Better batter style GF flour mix from here.


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          I can't speak about doing Primal with kids, because I don't have any.

          If I were you, I'd look at various Primal/Paleo/Low Carb cookbooks for ideas and inspiration.

          George Stella and his family have written several low carb cookbooks that really helped me to transition into eating primal. 500 Low Carb Recipes is a great go-to guide for just about anything low carb. Many of the recipes are great for family dinners, get togethers, and lunches. I've made the Unpotato Salad recipe several times and now my nieces actually request it when we have family cookouts. Crazy. The Cali-mac recipe is great too, a bit heavy on the dairy.

          I know that there are several other books that are geared towards families doing Paleo. Paleo Comfort Food is one that I really like. It has a lot of down home style recipes.

          A few things that might help you get started:
          -Plantain chips/Plantains fried coconut oil. -- These are tasty and my friend's kids really liked them when I made them at a get together.
          -Paleo Chocolate Chip cookies. -- There are several recipes out there on the internet. I don't remember where I found the one I used, but I do remember it being made with coconut flour. I made this around the holidays last year and gave them to my parents as a healthy alternative to the usual southern fried sugar blobs that we usually trade at that time of the year.
          -Grilled Pineapple. -- I love this stuff. So did my nephew and nieces.
          -Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars. -- I can imagine a chocolate version of these going over well with kids.