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What do you want people to know about Paleo/Primal?

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  • What do you want people to know about Paleo/Primal?

    Hi guys,

    A few of us are meeting with a reporter tonight for NPR to talk about paleo/primal/etc. eating. We, of course, have our own ideas of what we want this person to take away, and I'm sure this person has some pre-conceptions as well of how this story would take shape.

    My question to you Groks and Grokettes is: "What would you want to see a Primal/Paleo news story talk about?"

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    First off, I don't think you can lump PB and Paleo together b/c of the different views on fat. Mark wrote a post that very clearly explains this. I'm just starting to read Cordain's book and there have been a few bells ringing in my head that it's like CW re: cholesterol & sat fat.
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      Insulin response to grains and sugars should be covered. I would probably also feel the need to talk about the avoidance of HFCS and what it does.


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        The science behind Paleo! So many people think this is not scientifically based. We could do so much for the world if we could just overturn the wrongheaded lipid hypothesis and cholesterol hypothesis.
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          I would like them to talk about the success stories. Primal living not only saved my life, but gave me a healthier body than I ever dreamed possible. There are many other examples all over these forums.

          The proof is in the results!


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            I liked how Michelle handled it in this interview...


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