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OMG! The food scandals never end! Now TB in beef. :(

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    They write in the article that they pay 1700 pounds for every cow.


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      The amount they're paid doesn't even cover the production cost up to that point. Calves, feed, energy, salaries of workers... They're out of pocket. They may have been paid in the sense they're given money for it, but they still make a loss. And DEFRA is making money off that.

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      hmm, if a cow tested positive and they took the herd but the majority were fine and healthy, then what would be the best thing to do?
      I'm not saying always trust government agencies but also don't take everything from newspaper without a pinch of salt
      How about NOT selling the contaminated meat yourself? You know, just confiscating and disposing of it, as they should have done in the first place.
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        what if it;s not contaminated? it should be wasted?

        And they are far less out of pocket than just having to burn the cattle.