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Northern California Cowpool? (That is, go in on the cost of a cow..)

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    i used to live in Carmichael... now i live in Redding so i am a bit out of the way for this.

    i did a lot of research trying to track down a cow for my family. EatWild had some good links, but when I followed them through emails to local farmers I was VERY disappointed with the feedback I received.

    I say good luck tracking down some decent local meat that is truly grass fed and not a bazillion dollars. You also have to ask if they let you chose your butcher... the two farms that had the best choices of cows would ONLY deal with a butcher shop out of Roseville and when I contacted them, they gave me the run around when I asked about specific cuts. Notably, the tenderloin was never listed as a cut in any of their butchering packages. I found that very shady... that the best cut of meat would be missing from something that I paid so damn much for.


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      Hi, sorry so long!

      The three dollar/pound place takes its orders in January, so we'd have to decide around then.

      In the meantime! cuz I do definitely want to buy something for the next little while, I've put a deposit down on half a cow... A little on the expensive side, but def grass fed/finished ( Works out to about 5.20/5.40 per pound... A half ranges from 140-180 lbs (they butcher a little earlier, the cows are a little smaller than traditional grain-fed, as grass-fed cows gain weight more slowly and if they were to wait for them to be as big as normal grain-fed size, they'd be tough, as they'd be older)...

      Anyways. I put $200 down, as that's what they require... The rest will be due in August, when it'll be butchered and available to pick up. If no-one wants, at this time, to go in, I'll end up keeping the whole thing... if you'd like half or a couple certain parts, let me know-- I'll split it with you! My husband's all uppity thinking that a half cow is more than we'll ever eat in a year and that meat that's been in the freezer for a long time is no good, but he's Russian and they're crazy... )) --point of all that is, I'm willing to share!

      Let me know what you think!

      Also-- I've all but given up on buffalo, it's ridiculously expensive and I haven't seen anything to justify the extra costs. Let me know if you find it though!


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        Anyone? (Just writing to put this back up at the top, so it doesn't get skipped)


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          Hi Maria,

          I'll email you privately later today or tomorrow, maybe...


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            Yep, I'm still definitely interested! LenM225 at Gmail dot com

            Thanks for organizing this!


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              Good deal, will shoot out a "hello, let me know what your plans are for this" email in a second here


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                Helllloooo! Sent out an email, only to one of you tho... no answer yet, just checkin back here. Anyone else down for this and want in? Send me your email address! e-t-o-m-a-r-i-a (google mail)...


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                  Hey! I am definitely interested. I'll send email asap.
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                    Hi Maria,

                    Think I am going to wait and order some bison from Slankers. There is shipping cost but they have a fantastic price on organs and it will come out to about $6/pound. Thanks for looking into it though - maybe I'll join you in January so please announce if you get in on that $3/lb grass fed beef.


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                      Alrite, for anyone down, the cow'll be ready right around 14 August, let me know if you're down, when you'd like to come get it, how you'd like to pay (we'll be splitting up a half of a cow, I'd ideally like to take a quarter of it and either have someone else buy the other quarter or two people go in and take an eighth each... if there happen to be three takers, that's doable too, I can only take an eighth, will prob be a safer bet for the first time anyways!)

                      -Maria (you can email me at


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                        Is it too late to get in on this? How much would an 1/8th be?
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                          How much per lbs?


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                            Just waiting for someone to come along and say, "why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free??". I'm in Central Cal and I'm in if you need more peeps!
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                              Ha, jeeeez )) (to the milk-for-free line)

                              As far as the cow goes, I had two people down, neither has answered, so, yes, if you all want an eighth, that's smthn we could do-- it breaks down to right around 5-5.50/lb, the poundage is ... well, I'll paste this from an email I'd sent (modify to suit you-- ie, I think I was talkin bout ground beef in there... if that's not smthn you care about, insert your own in...)

                              Pasted from email portion starting now:
                              "Money-wise, that should work out to [about] $225, pound-wise, we'll have to see... apparently it ranges from 140 to 180 pounds, tho she's said this one'll be on the heavier end. Just to make sure, I was planning on splitting straight down the middle (well... straight down the eighth) and making sure you had an eighth of the total meat/paid an eighth of the $900 since here they don't do per pound, they do a set price... If you don't think that's cool or had something else planned/a better idea, tell me what you'd like, I haven't done this before I don't yet know the exacts as far as how many pounds of what we'll be getting, but will let you know when I find out, however! comma... I don't think making sure you get a decent amound of ground beef/steaks will present a problem... I'll be picking it up, it's in Fairfield, CA (are you familiar with where that is?) and could probably bring it out to you/meet you somewhere halfway, depending on where you are... Let me know! Also, it's, I believe... in the event you care to check around the site on your own, see who they are/etc. "


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                                So, if I am reading that right, an 1/8th share would be ~$113? Approximately 22 pounds of various cuts of meat? I meet up and hand over cash, or should I pay beforehand?
                                I am waiting on a call from my Mom. Might go for 1/4 if she's up for 1/8th on her own.
                                When do you need a final decision & payment by?

                                I hate trying to do math in my head. So, there's only 1/4 of a cow up for grabs if the people you've got lined up fall through? No chance of getting that other 1/2 a cow if we get more people interested?
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