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  • Tuna

    I am a university student and for food have to deal with what is offered at our dining halls. For lunch I have a fairly large portion of tuna almost every day. I was just wondering if there are any health issues I should be worried about, such as mercury, polyunsaturated fats, that could result from eating so much tuna?

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    man, outlook not so good. I get the good tuna canned or other seafood canned in olive oil, pay good price and eat it right out of the can or on salad. Mayo has soybean oil/canola if you're thinking PUFA's, as for mercury, supposedly the good cuts, wild caught are lower, I eat them knowing it may not be true. Smaller fish is a good option but as for the whole dining hall experience, can you sell your meal tickets. . .? Perhaps you can make a special dietary request at the school and have some tuna undressed put aside for you. Been there. I'ld go for the $100. Mini fridge along with a george foreman grill. reactive stoves ( I mountaineer ) rock. And of course, my beloved crok pot. I'm sure all illegal dorm attire but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. Good luck. I'ld make dietary requests honestly.


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      Tuna or tuna salad? Packed in water or oil?
      I think water-packed tuna should be fine. What they use for canned tuna is a smaller fish and not so susceptible to mercury. Since oil-packed tuna tends to be bad veggie oil, I would avoid it unless there is no other choice.
      Thing is, if there's tuna, there is usually a salad bar - can't you do that instead?
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        as far as tuna goes, I always buy the cheaper stuff packed in water. cheaper = younger tuna = lowest mercury count. The older albacore tuna has the highest count in terms of mercury cuz they eat all the small fishies and then it becomes that much more concentrated.
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          Most schools have grilled chicken breasts and plain burgers (no buns)... also, there are usually some hardboiled eggs on the salad bar. If you do buy some of your own food, you can also get canned chicken (in water - but a little high in sodium)...


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            I don't know how applicable this is but about three years ago my elderly cat went through a phase where she refused to eat. The only thing she would not object to was canned tuna, which she has always liked and we did let her eat from time to time. For a period of about a month or so, she lived off the tuna since she wouldn't touch anything else. Then she started having seizures and muscle spasms. We stopped giving her the tuna and she eventually resumed eating her regular food and the seizures went away and she went on to live for another year and a half. The moral of the story is I would be cautious about excessive intake.


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              Thank you for the replies. I think I will definitely try and cut back on the tuna... It's just so good! There are burgers, but I have also been trying to avoid the processed meats. There are eggs on some days and chicken as well, but the tuna is always there so it has just been an easy option. I only have two weeks left of uni until summer break, so I guess I can survive the dining hall until I get home to a real kitchen! Thanks again!