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  • Blood sugar levels

    Hi all-

    For the longest time I thought i had low blood sugar (I was a chronic snacker. High carb low fat). Whenever I go more than a few hours without food, I get symptoms that feel like low blood sugar. Sometimes I can barely even move I'm so tired, dizzy, I get cold, etc. I finally wnt out and bought a meter and realized my blood sugar isn't even low. I get these symptoms when my levels come back down to baseline (80-100). I shouldn't get symptoms because these levels are fine. I'm not getting all that high either. Anyone know why this happens? Is my body just not used to having my blood sugar at a normal baseline because I used to keep it elevated by snacking alot? Any advice on how to fix it? I'm also hypothyroid if that makes a difference. Thanks all!

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    This is pretty common. Somehow "low blood sugar" became an all-purpose explanation for any craving, lethargy, boredom, etc. It's not something we can self-diagnose by mood--true hypoglycemia involves urgent disorientation--more terror than fatigue.

    Are you in the middle of major diet change? The first thing we deplete tends to be sodium, potassium, and water. Next up is protein, VitB, and VitC but those shouldn't exhaust more than once a day. Maybe try a pickle spear or cucumbers and salsa instead of a caloric snack and see what happens.

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