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Auto immune, FODMAPS, GAPS. making sense of it all.

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  • Auto immune, FODMAPS, GAPS. making sense of it all.

    So. I'm a little confused by all these protocols, and which one I should follow.

    Avoiding nightshades, auto immune protocols, GAPS, the specific carbohydrate diet, FODMAPS... Agh! I'm feelinga little overwhelmed and confused.

    I've aways had digestive issues mostly gas, bloating, constipation. My mum has IBS, my brother chrons disease. We all have trouble losing weight, and have other auto immune issues such as difficulties losing weight, arthritis, skin problems.

    My issues are not sever, but I have the feeling I'm on the same path as my mum.

    Primal/paleo had helped a lot. I have more energy, feel more positive, sleep great. But I still have digestive issues.

    My joints and muscles still feel tight/tense and painful. I'm seasing up. My stomach is extremely tender to touch, I can't stand even the slightest pressure on it.

    I'm willing to try a protocol for a month to see if it helps (even though giving up tomatoes, bell peppers and chilies, not to mention eggs and dairy makes me feel weak at the knees! And very resistant to the idea).

    But which one should i follow?

    Should I just give up nightshades first and see if that works? Or should I try an auto immune protocol or FODMAPS first?

    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
    “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

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    I'm even more confused when I read something like this on inulin, fermented foods and gut bacteria:

    Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key to Weight Loss? | Mother Jones

    (A great article).

    Because maybe this is the direction I should go in. (I don't eat any fermented foods) But again, am willing to try if it prevents me going down the same route as my mum.
    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
    “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha


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      I tried GAPS first and a few months later I tried paleo autoimmune protocol. I have Hashimoto's and don't have major digestive issues. I found PAP to be way too restrictive and I wasn't seeing any noticeable changes in my Hashimoto's. I decided the only way I could do such a restrictive diet would be under the guidance of an experienced health care practitioner, someone like Chris Kresser. Until I find someone I trust and can afford I'm just going to stick with primal.

      Some people try the PAP and feel better almost immediately, I think if that were the case with me I would have been willing to continue, as it was I gave it 3 weeks. There are a lot of similarities between the diets you listed so I would just pick one that you think you could stick to and give it a try for 1 month.
      Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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        Have a look at salicylates........there is a website that is an excellent resource on this food intolerance.

        Your symptoms sound like this is your yes it will mean no more tomatoes, bell peppers and chillies.....but at least you will have a clear idea what is going on with you


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          I'd try all of at a time until you find something that works. Everyone is different and you may find that taking a bit from each approach works best for you. If you have a diagnosed autoimmune disease, start with the autoimmune protocol for sure. I started with nightshades, eggs and dairy and noticed a vast improvement! Don't forget the importance of stress reduction to ease digestive symptoms as it can be a key piece of the puzzle.