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My fast food obsessed boss

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    I don't care who I would be pissing off. No way, no how I could eat that way for a week. My stomach would revolt and I would spend half the trip in bed.

    I would tell your boss that you have developed some stomach issues and need to be careful of what you eat. Suggest a few extra places ahead of time - when I travel I try to find Whole Foods or Trader Joes or other grocery stores and get cheese, hard boiled eggs, nuts, fruits, etc. I will stop in daily and get what i need for the day.

    Be careful not to criticize her food choices. I usually say something like "oh wow, McDonalds sounds so amazing right now, but my stupid tummy just doesn't agree with it". I always start with complimenting peoples food before I turn it down just to ensure that they don't feel as if I am judging them.
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      I like the advice of some previous posters. After about a year I realized it's not worth the time/effort. I am going to start using:

      "I recently discovered I have a gluten & dairy sensitivity. The past week I've changed my diet and feel a lot better. I'll spare you the details."

      Conversation will be over...