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How long until being sugar-adapted stops working?

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    Originally posted by Rinjani View Post
    Hello. I am a 17-year old girl (of Central-European descent), my height is 170 cm and my weight is 40 kg. I come from a family of skinny people with fast-metabolisms, big eaters, of course never eating typical American processed, packaged/canned, ready to eat junk but also never health-obsessed, not even a little bit (for example, we would have never considered sugar our enemy before, it was just an ingredient in many of the dishes, same with wheat and rapeseed oil for example). None of us has ever been Paleo for a single moment, we've been eating a traditional Polish diet full of all kinds of food (including wheat in all forms - obviously! wheat has always been the staple here, rye, legumes, dairy, huge amounts of chicken, various meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, refined sugar, genetically modified rapeseed oil for frying everything, a lot of homemade cakes and sweets full of sugar, it was a traditional thing; nothing organic, everything conventional, meats also) all our lives, except for the last year; we haven't been experiencing any serious health problems then (for example cancers - not yet, hehe), just some typical stuff - my acne, bloating, gas, constipation, sometimes fatigue and feeling moody, mouth odor, smelly sweat, slowly appearing signs of aging, like skin getting worse and probably liver-connected dark spots appearing on forehead (this one for my parents, though people have always said that they look 15-20 years younger, no kidding, good genes I guess).
    Since the last year, we've been really poor and all we can afford in huge quantities are potatoes, sourdough rye bread (we don't want to buy wheat breads anymore, they taste awful), lots of fruits and some vegetables. We buy the same things everyday morning - around 10 pounds of potatoes and 2 huge loafs of sourdough rye bread; I eat the majority of it, my parents and sister just eat small quantities because they aren't that hungry. I've been strictly vegan for the last year, the rest of my family members probably too. It's a cheap and easy way to eat right now. All of the health issues mentioned before are completely gone now, but some new problems appeared. As you can see, all our calories come from carbohydrates now. My parents and my sister don't eat much daily (around 700-1100 calories a day, sometimes less, I've counted, they don't feel the need to eat any more, which really surprises me!!!), though I'm constantly hungry and I consume at least three times the calories they consume. I feel the urge to eat something every 1-2-3 hours (depending on how much carbs I just ate). I didn't gain any weight this year though, I actually lost a few pounds despite my huge caloric intake, I lost muscle mass too. My parents and sister lost weight too and now they keep loosing very slowly. My only "outer body" issue is dry skin and dry eyes (do dry eyes instantly mean diabetes? I hope not...), the rest is perfect, super fast growing nails and hair, bruises disappear and scars heal very quickly.
    My parents and sister eat around 200g of carbs daily (or probably less, like 150g), which is very healthy on my opinion and won't damage them, that's a safe amount of carbs, no insulin and blood sugar problems I guess. I feel that I wouldn't survive on 200g of carbs though, I'm always hungry and I constantly grab more food - potatoes, bread, fruits. I'm tracking my nutrition on Cronometer and it says that I eat 400-600g of carbs everyday, never less than 400g. I eat a few big bowls of mashed potatoes with lots of salt everyday, 10-15 slices of bread with mustard and vegetables, a lots of sugary fruit if available (2,5 pounds of cherries in the season in one sitting is normal for me, though it's obviously not an everyday thing).
    I'm sure that I already have some serious insulin and blood sugar problems that I've developed on this very high carb diet, I just hope that I haven't ruined my pancreas yet and that I will be able to heal it later. I hope I don't have diabetes yet. I looked up the symptoms of diabetes and I don't meet the criteria for 1 or 2 type except dry eyes and tiredness 2-3 hours after eating. The tiredness I get isn't the typical diabetic tiredness though, not the "I want to sleep or lay down", it's another kind (spaced out, cranky, lazy, not-energetic, like all energy has been used) and disappears instantly after I eat more carbs.
    It feels so unhealthy and wrong to be hungry, cranky and tired that short after meals, normal eating people feel that way maaaany hours after eating their last meal (I know my meals aren't complete though... no fat, not enough protein for a growing girl from potatoes). I feel super good, energetic, 100% healthy, happy, vital during eating and right after I eat, but two hours later I need to eat more carbs or I get moody and wanting more food. My parents and sister didn't get that thing, maybe because they eat much less carbs and didn't send their hormones into crazy mode. I have no idea what happened to me. Maybe I'm sick or maybe I'm just sugar-adapted (which sucks terribly and is an awful thing). I've read Mark's articles on being sugar adapted and about how fat is the prefered source of energy for the human body. I would really like to be fat-adapted but unfortunately I currently cannot afford that yet, no healthy and cheap sources of fat here that I could get everyday, while potatoes and bread cost almost nothing. I'm afraid that I will have to stay on my sugar-adapted very high-carb diet for the next year (until I become 18 and can legally earn my own money).
    My questions are: Am I doing serious damage to my body? Is it irreversible, or will I be able to reverse it later, when I finally will be able to go to work and earn money and buy real food full of protein and fat, not just massive amounts of carbohydrates? What's the exact damage that being sugar-adapted in connection with massive amounts of carbonydrates does to a human body in long-term?
    Do you think I could go on this way for another year and then completely recover with fats and protein, even if it would take a lot of time? Or will another year of minimum 400g carbs a day make me a terminally ill diabetic?
    Thank you in advance.
    Oh honey, I did much Much worse at your age - you'll be fine! You can do this at your age and recover. When you're a little older - not so easy. It's SO great to have a plan, commit yourself to this plan and research it for the next year until you can put it into action. Wish I could have done that at your age :/

    Who knows maybe you'll be the person on all the billboards - "The first person to live to 150 is alive today."

    Good Luck!