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What to do with eating disorder etc?

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  • What to do with eating disorder etc?

    Hey, my name is Liane and im 16 years old, Im new to this forum. I have a problem, and I feel stuck in my life and I know now is the time for change. Im 1,67 meters, and I weigh about 53-54 kg.

    I wont tell my whole story and all the details because it'll take too long. I got anorexia and orthorexia, lost weight, etc. I was given a food scheme from doctors about 8 months ago, and im still eating from it, and it is the same except for one boiled egg in the breakfast.

    If i miss one meal I often feel like crap, and I havent had my menstruation since it dissappeard about 1,5 years ago (not that I want it) i never ever eat outside of my meals, very strict? Yes. I've tried lowering carbs, i get sluggish and tired and weak, maybe i didnt eat enougb fat, i dont know.

    I lost weight from being on a school trip on five days bcause I didnt eat as much as I do at home, and felt horrible. I do train strength 3 times per week now and also capoeira sometimes, never sit down (except when real tired and eating) and is pretty active all the time. I walk barefoot and use vibram fivefingers, i walk stairs instead of elevators, etc etc. I love being outside and doing things.

    But I wonder if it really is good for me? Will I feel even better if I change my eating? Im worried about getting eating disorder again, and I do not want that, and i remember when I ate almost nothing and was active I got heavy migraine im worried about getting that again, and im worried about losing control, i want to become healthy strong and have lots of energy, get ALOT of muscles and so on... Id really like to gain more weight, however not fat but muscles.
    Will paleo help me with this? However it will be hard because my whole family eats grains..

    By following this scheme I feel safe and can relax and stop thinking about food all the time, I have breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and evening meal and it goes like this:

    (No added sugar in anything, or butter on my bread, afraid of butter maybe?..)
    (Dont know ounces, oz..,)
    2 dl filmjölk 3% fat (is it sour milk? Fermented milk in english? No idea)
    2 dl muesli (no sugars, fruits, seeds, only these rolled oats which you have in porridge, and some yellow cereal)
    One slice of soft bread with 2 slices of cheese and vegetable
    One slice of hard bread (crisp bread?) with 2 slices of cheese and vegetable

    1 boiled egg and 1 glass of sugar free orange juice

    Is one portion with 1/3 protein, meat fish etc, carbohydrates, grains, rice, potatoes etc, and vegetables.
    1 glass of milk

    One glass of fermented milk
    1 slice of soft bread with2 slices of cheese and vegetable
    1 clementin

    Same as lunch

    evening meal
    Same as breakfast, except no egg

    ... From Liane!

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    I think you will definitely feel better by eating better - and for most people here that means ditching the grains!
    You seem to be very active, which is great, keep that up. But don't be afraid to eat (I know, eating disorders are not that simple), fill up on fats and protein to build up that muscle you want. You will need lots of food to do this and to heal your body from the damage done.

    You found eating regularly helps you feel better, with a strict schedule? Stick to that for now. But don't skimp on food. Skimping on food AND being as active as you are isn't great.

    What isn't working for you right now?
    What would you like to change?