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Need help calculating carb content of this vegetable broth

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  • Need help calculating carb content of this vegetable broth

    I've been drinking this concoction for my health.

    8 ounces white daikon
    4 ounces white daikon greens
    4 ounces carrot
    4 ounces burdock root
    2 fresh shitake mushroom

    It makes me feel good. It's like a cleansing broth. But I'm trying to keep my carb content to under 100 a day. I don't eat the vegetables but just drink the broth. The vegetables are cooked for 2 hours. When I calculate the carb content of the vegetables it's approximately 45. If I just drink the broth would I be consuming 45 g carbs?

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    You are not eating the vegetables, so no, you are not eating anywhere near 45 g of carbs. I don't think you need to worry that much about how many carbs are in a broth.
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      You are basically just extracting out the nutrients from the vegetables when doing a broth. If you cooked them and then blended them to make a soup, then you would be consuming all the carbs. But when making a broth you would be consuming a few grams of carbs.
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        Thank you very much for your responses. It makes me feel a whole lot better.