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  • Temptations

    I am living with my folks at the moment, and all I have to say is that it has been tough staying primal 80% of the time. In one week I can manage 50-60%. I realize that I am the one responsible for my life and diet (lifestyle kind), but I seem to fall prey easily. Now the food in question isn't typical American junk, that is quite repulsive to me. No, the stuff hat my folks constantly cook up are fresh homemade pasta, fine german and spanish sausage, baguettes, french pastries and old fashioned cakes ( made with lotsa butter and whole ingredients), chocolate truffles and fine cheeses galore. Now I haven't actually gained any weight since I do IF 5-6 times a week (15-18 hours daily fasts), but it has made following Primal a little tough, and I admit, makes me feel a bit sluggish when I do indulge (not binge mind you).

    What also worries me is that my folks are getting fatter ever since bringing indulging themselves. Coupled with a few bottles of whine every week, their waistlines have expanded. What should I do for myself, and for my folks?

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    It's hard to get your parents to change. I've been slowly working on mine for ages now. My dad kinda gets it, but my mom is more resistant. They finally understand what I will and won't eat. I guess it helps to not be living with them, but since I do visit often, it's still a trial.

    Start doing more of the cooking perhaps, making delicious Primal meals for them. Don't tell them it's Primal, just show them it's delicious and they'll forget what's missing.


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      Don't worry about it! Nutrition and dieting aren't something you do for a few weeks. You're making a lifelong commitment.

      Here's what you do. You say you're around 55% now. Next week, shoot for 60%. There must be one thing you can change. Rule out the white flour bread with your meal; it's just a part, eat something else instead. Get your own sprouted grain bread, or avoid bread altogether. The week after, find something else, go 65%. Slowly but surely my friend.

      As for your parents, well, they'll follow you with some things once they see what success you have, and learn why you have that success. That can be frustrating. Just be positive about it, and try to cut out the extremes first.