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51, Menopausaol, hypo thyroid on med..don't give up!

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  • 51, Menopausaol, hypo thyroid on med..don't give up!

    I have been at this for 42 days to be exact. At first, I obese about carbs, then do I do higher fat and then I just said forgetaboutit and do what I am doing...No sugar, no white flour/bread/etc..Some days depressed too that nothing was happening. At least not in the mirror and or on my clothes.

    What I can tell you is today I put on a pair of shorts I tried on a few weeks ago and I barely could zip up and even hurt around the waist. Sadly, I took them off remembering last year that were a bit big on me when I did the whole HCG thing and of course gained all that weight back...but today, I got them on. Their snug but I am wearing them. It's a little turtle pace progress but it's means something is finally happening.

    I hung in there. Things didn't happen at first but this last week I sorta gave in and gave up...just let it be and that's when my body started to ease up and a little weight fell off...

    I share this in case there are any of you who start off with this whole Paleo thing and wonder...why aren't you losing. I still need more time and I am not giving into to sweets or bread..that's easy. Patience is what has been testing me and FINALLY something is hang in there.

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    Good for you for sticking with it. Your message is a good one and I hope the people who need to see it, see it!
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