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    So, in recording my food again on, I'm getting used to the carbohydrate thing. However, I'm finding that I'm constantly hitting between 1000 and 1300 calories. I feel like this is too low, because i'm hungry and don't feel right-- but when it comes down to it, i don't want anymore oil/meat/etc... so rather than having a juicy clementine or some strawberries or something that would tip my carbs over 50g, i just... don't eat.

    What do you think?
    Little Saiyan

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    What are your goals? How old are you? How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

    Your calories sound restrictive - you should not be hungry while eating primally.

    Post your daily menu. If you're craving carbs - you could probably stand to up your fats a bit. And, honestly, if you're craving fruits like that, you could probably stand to cut out fruit entirely until you kick the sweet craving. And if you can't do that, stick to blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.


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      I agree with Suki. Eat more fat to make up for the calories previously provided by carbs. Also, if you are tracking your food intake, how does your fat consumption compare to your protein consumption?
      A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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        Thanks for the reply, guys. I actually edited this post just after posting to add
        "Nevermind, this is idiotic, i'm going to eat some good food."
        but my internet died. Heh.

        Its not that I'm craving carbs... its that I'm hungry (really, not mentally) but I really don't want anymore oil. Like, I really don't want it. I don't know. If you guys hadn't been so kind as to reply already, I'd probably take this post down, as its angsty and attentiony and annoys me now that its here. I think, rather than wanting a solution, I just like there being a place where like-minded people listen to you.

        Honestly, what I want most right now? A cold cup of plain yogurt. (I don't have any, can't eat dairy with these damned antibiotics, and its not 'primal' enough, though I miss it in my life enough to go for it anyhow I think)
        Little Saiyan


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          Haha - we all have our angsty moments. And what is this forum here if not for bringing attention to our non-issues??!?!

          There are PLENTY of things worse than yogurt. Make it Greek and it's not even half bad.

          And you don't have to eat oil. Whenever I'm feeling all meated out, I cut it out for the day and just do good fats (avocado) and veg. I am a fish girl, myself and my go-to is sushi; you can always ask for the rolls without rice if you know your sushi place.


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            Ikaika, you may still be getting over that bug. I'm not quite back to normal either, though well on the way.

            Antibiotics always kill my appetite and wreck my digestion, but then luckily I haven't taken any for about a decade. Hopefully you'll be off them soon, and then you can get into probiotics in a big way, repopulating your innards with friendly faces (so to speak.)

            This week I've had Good Belly, a capsule probiotic with 12 different strains, Greek FAGE yoghurt, some applesauce to give the newcomers something to eat, an apple a day after I ran out of applesauce, and some good live sauerkraut, which truly seemed to make a big difference. I opened a tin of sardines (first protein after the bug except cheese and Greek yoghurt) and mixed in some sauerkraut.

            It worked, thank heavens.

            Anyway, in your place I'd not assume that the reactions to the thought of different foods which you're having now is what they will be two weeks from now.


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              So you weaned your body off of carbs ... now you need to get also get used to eating fat. My recommendation: Salads. Big salads with heavy dressing - olive oil, cream etc.. Then add eggs, ham, bacon or chicken breast. If you don't like eating meat or fat, maybe a big salad can act as a catalyst to move things along. And after all, salads (leavy green and non-starchy vegetables) are the basis of the BP diet.
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                Oh yeah, I love my salads plenty
                piano-doctor-lady, I'm a huge fan of probiotics (I make my own kombucha and lacto-fermented pickles) so I'm usually pretty good and of course I'm excited to get back to them! It is funny what sickness has us doing, isn't it? I actually drank GoodBelly juice. JUICE! I haven't had juice in probably five years. But when all you have is liquids, you're like 'screw it!' and then you enjoy what you can while you can!
                Suki-- I always enjoy your input. Last night I actually turned to poke (pronounced po-keh), the one of the most primal foods I know of, and my favorite food ever. Its raw fish cubed with sesame oil, shoyu, green onions, and white onions. I use mostly olive oil and just season with the sesame. Its amazing.
                Little Saiyan


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                  I love poke! I grew up in Maui and my best friend's mother used to make it all the time! I would always try to invite myself to dinner at their place. My parents are Brazilian / Argentinian and so it was meat, meat, meat all the time - it was a nice break to have dinner elsewhere...


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                    Awesome!!! My mom's side is from Oahu. Now everybody went Big Island though.

                    BTW - What a great background for primal I wish I had the money to go to a churrascaria! Its seriously like a straight up primal restaurant huh?
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                    Little Saiyan


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                      Lately I've been eating too many nuts- almonds, macadamians, walnuts.. etc... any suggestions??? Should I just cut them out altogether???


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                        Ikaka - I found your post helpful! I am always interested to see what others are going through and hear tips and solutions.

                        Coach81 & Ikaka - I had a problem with hunger, and was dealing with it with overconsuming nuts & cheese. I added in fat (although I hear you on really not wanteing anymore oil or meat...) and it didn't help. A weekly IF did a bit, but I ended up supplementing my diet with glutamine. I think I was just not able to synthesise the protein I was consuming adequately as I do ALOT of exercise. Now, I don't get hungry and I don't need to eat lots of nuts anymore. I understand that supplementing may not be a popular option, but I mention it in case it can help you. I don't eat fruit (horribly fructose intolerant) and needed some more carbs (I try to have 15% of my intake...) so I also have the Fage Greek yoghurt 2% (the full fat is too rich for me!) a few times a week. A pot is 9g carbs (which unfortunately is all sugar) but some 20g of protein. So as a dairy choice, it is not a bad one imo. I was not too sure about regular dairy (I don't react badly to it at all), but today Mark posted about the benefots of probiotics, so I feel a little better.

                        Anyway, glutamine helped me... so I thought I'd share, but that may be a personal thing. Maybe try IF to deal with hunger?



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                          Thanks Lekki.. I guess I can just do the IF.. I'm already pulling two 17 hour IFs during the week, and a full 24 hour IF on the weekends...


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                            ikaika - YES! There are a lot of them in NYC too! On the rare occasion I go out to dinner with friends, I always suggest my favorite churrascaria! Totally primal and guilt-free buffet-style dining!