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Skin worsening on Primal?

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    No, Zach. In a family of 5 meat has to stretch, meaning smaller servings per person. We fill up on veggies/good carbs. Besides protein toxicity and metabolism issues would more likely show up through digestion issues and sluggish energy.

    From personal observation it's most likely the nuts. I haven't gone cold turkey but will soon.


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      I've been taking Mark's Damage Control multis for 7 months now. They are the best sourced I've found. They are expensive though. My skin became noticeably better in 3 months. I never expected this. It even seems to be shrinking, and age spots disappear slowly.

      For 5 months I was taking only 1 packet / day. (There's 6 caps / packet.) Finally I read the dosage instruction printed clearly on the bottle. 2 packets are the daily dosage. So for 1 month I took 2 packet and felt worse. These multi's are way over RDA in most vitamins, minerals, etc. So I went back to 1 packet and feel fine.

      After reading the links in this thread I think I'll switch to his lower dose multi, it's from the same great sources. His DC is for athletes which I am not.

      My energy and metabolism is increasing slowly but steadly. I can't attribute this to the DC, it could all be the PB diel. But why stop something that's working.
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