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Today Show: Bulletproof Coffee

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  • Today Show: Bulletproof Coffee

    Saw on the today show this morning where they taste tested the Paleo trend of "bulletproof coffee"...thought you all on this forum would get a kick out of that. Matt Lauer wasn't a fan! It made me laugh.

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    No fooling?


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      Here's the link:

      Butter coffee: Will it give you extra energy -- or just make you fat? - TODAY Health

      A couple of Paleo commenters managed to get in and say that this ONLY works if you're fat adapted, and even Paleos need to watch the calorie bombs.

      It doesn't matter. Bulletproof coffee is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy over the heads of most Today Show viewers. They can't get past "moderation" and "get off the couch" and "didn't cavemen die when they were like 25" and "cavemen didn't have butter." You think they can have an intelligent discussion on BP coffee? Good god no.
      5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.