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Drawbacks of the mostly meat diet?

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  • Drawbacks of the mostly meat diet?

    As of late I've taken to the 1 meal / day for most days approach. However, for some weeks now I have been largely skimping on the veggies. I was doing farmers market greens for a while, but noticed that I really wasn't using any of it and stopped buying because they were just going to waste. Now my diet consists mostly of some kind of meat (pork typically, gotta change that), egg, cheese, yogurt, kefir and tea. I do occasionally get some other stuff; I'll use some of my 20% on a quesedilla from a local taco truck, that usually has some pico de gallo. I like bananas. This kind of happened on it's own - no longer have motivation to eat vegetables. Going to see about putting more things in my omelets.

    Anyways, what are some drawbacks to this method of eating? I feel fine, so I think I may be running off reserves or I'm getting enough of the various vitamins and minerals not present in those components above. Note, I don't think I eat anywhere near the 2,000 cals / day on average, which has helped the fat come off a bit easier. I haven't tracked anything.

    Would a diet as above raise risk of gout or some other physological problems? A friend of mine is curious, as am I.

    I like to think I'm just being really lazy ish. Or cheap...


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    +1 for Bachelor Paleo. It's not optimal, but it sure is easy. I think you could probably sustain that indefinitely if you add in some heart and liver about once a week.


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      Unless you have kidney problems, the diet you described should be fine.


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        I was starting to get to that point too. Now I try center my meals around 2 types of veggies and then I worry about the meat. I still eat a lot of meat though.


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          Potassium and VitC are pretty important and we deplete relatively large amounts daily so I include plants for that reason.

          I agree produce spoilage is a bummer--when I'm feeling lazy I eat a lot of non-perishables like Mezzetta Hot Mix or garnish things with pickled jalapeno or banana pepper rings. Pico de gallo is very nutritious. But typically I'm enough of a happy omnivore to boil/bake starches ahead of time or sauté leaves and onions while cooking.

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            I eat probably 2 cups of spinach a week and a few other veggies/fruits as "condiments": salsa, pickles, sauerkraut, olives, citrus, etc...

            Eating plenty of eggs, organ meats, seafood and raw cheese along with my meat ensures that I get plenty of micronutrients.

            My fave saying is "I let my Meat eat my Greens."
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              Seems appropriate here:

              How to eat fruit and vegetables

              BTW I don't actually think there are drawbacks when your eating nose to tail. Our body has terrific mechanisms that take care of it. Like in the absence of glucose we make better use of the vitamin C that is actually available.
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                I'm in a similar boat--I'm able to get myself to eat some veggies (usually lettuce and carrots) at work since I pack my lunch the night before and I always eat the same thing, so it's probably more a force of habit than anything. But at home, it's totally a crapshoot, and it'll usually consist of meat and cheese or peanut butter on wheatless bread. Tho, sometimes I'll take the initiative to cube an avocado and throw that together with cubed chicken.

                The fact that I don't cook that often likely contributes to it--I'd probably put more thought into it and therefor try to incorporate veggies more if I did.
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                  I think organ meats and bivalves (and liberal amounts of salt) would probably make it safer if it makes you feel good. The dairy and eggs are big contributors in the arena, so as long as you feel good and don't have any symptoms or markers of disease/malfunction, it's probably fine. A carb refeed once a week or so would probably be a good idea. I wouldn't argue with positive n=1 results. Go by how you feel and get metabolic testing every so often if you can, just to confirm your good feeling.

                  Personally, I think a meat, dairy, egg, shellfish, coconut oil, and fruit diet would be better, but if what you are doing works, keep with it.
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                    I'm going to up the fruit; farmer's market has been out of it lately. So many strawberries one week, none the next - such is seasonal eating I guess. I'm fond of mashing up some banana pancakes every so often, but it has been a while. I've done a carb refeed last weekend - house party - and cashed in my 20%.

                    I have been getting comments on how much smaller I look lately. As I mentioned, I haven't been tracking anything, just going by what other people have been telling me (combination of lazy, busy and head in the clouds). I did notice that my profile has gotten thinner, though. I'm still carrying too much fat around the midsection, but I am beginning to see that outline around the outside of the abs, down towards what would ideally be the Adonis belt. Also my quads are more defined, could be all the biking. Screw cars.

                    I've managed to hit 150 lbs as of yesterday. Last time I remember weighing myself was in December, wherein I was 180. Not crazy good results, but I think most of that drop has been rather recent. Should probably buy a scale.

                    So yeah, good N=1 I think. Going to keep with the above, toss some peppers into my eggs this weekend. Going to do a cookout this Friday with a few people as kind of a subtle "This is how I eat" display - what's a good "cookout friendly" carb? Or should I just get a big thing of almonds? (BTW - pine nuts taste good on their own). Going to introduce some people to grass fed hamburger, Kerrygold cheese, greek yogurt and those still-questionable "All Natural Organic Beef Hotdogs" done by my local Giant's store brand (a "safe food" fall back just in case). Also trying to spread the idea of the lettuce bun to my guests.

                    Considering going full on ketogenic (if I'm not already, I don't know, cba to get ketosticks) again to help drop the rest of the fat. According to the internets, I should be around 130, as I am a male who stands 5'3" tall.



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                      Been eating like you for quite a while now and feeling great. NH is right about the nose to tail part being important. Eat some liver and get some seafood in.

                      I find the plant matter that has stayed in my diet as all the stuff I only ate because I thought I was supposed to fell away tends to not be veggies at all (not technically although you may find them in the veggie section of the market).

                      seaweed (algae)
                      mushrooms (fungi)
                      tomatoes, avocado, bell peppers (fruits)
                      onions and garlic (bulbs)
                      pine nuts and mac nut are treats

                      All the green stuff like lettuce and broccoli just doesn't appeal at all. And I do know how to cook so this isn't a bachelor cuisine thing. I really feel better this way.

                      My idea of a "refeed" is an occasional frozen fruit and kefir smoothie or frozen fruit blended with hwc for soft serve ice cream.
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                        I myself actually tend to do far better on a diet that lacks in veggies. My digestion just cannot handle them! Sometimes I can eat truck loads and be fine, but MOST OF THE TIME even with one piece of lettuce, I blow up into a balloon!


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                          You know, all this makes too much sense. As a kid, and even into adulthood I wondered why something that was supposed to be so good for us was often so bloody nasty. It speaks to the adaptability of the human body in that we can survive on an entirely plant based diet at all.

                          I have made jokes in the past that I must have been a herdsman in a past life, because meat and dairy were so great. I think maybe the whole of the neolithic wasn't bad at all - droving being a neolithic invention.


                          EDIT: I should write a book on "The Herdsman Diet" and make millions
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                            Originally posted by MEversbergII View Post
                            EDIT: I should write a book on "The Herdsman Diet" and make millions
                            Go for it!