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Week 3 .. no real need to eat

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  • Week 3 .. no real need to eat

    much. I was told not to bother counting calories and all that but it just got the better of me. I'm 6' and 213 right now ( down from 217 + or - ) and at the start of week three.

    Breakfast was 2 strips low sodium bacon, coffee with 1/8 cup heavy cream and 1/2 tsp sugar. I've done about 4 cups in the last two weeks like this. One cup I tried with coconut milk, not so good.

    Lunch rolled around and I'm not at all starving. Matter of fact I'm not sure if I felt "hungry" or I just wanted to eat some thing that tastes good, anyhow 6 small chicken wings, 3/8 cup cottage cheese and 1/4 fresh salsa and so far I think I've eaten all of 650 to 700 calories based on the info from the packages.

    I move around all day and do a 3/4 mile walk every morning and some modest lifting.
    So if I'm doing just fine with less than 2000 calories I see no reason to eat more just to eat.
    I've never eaten till I feel full on PB. I've got that way eating carbs, well more like stuffed then bloated.

    Thoughts? good or bad?

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    I'm the same. I've found I was eating simply because it was that time of day. I've now realised that actually, I'm not hungry most of the time.

    There is a web site that suggests that if you are not feeling hungry then it's more to do with missing essential vitamins and minerals but I'm pretty certain that it's more to do with the fact that in my case I'm overweight at 227 and my body can quite happily feed on my own fat stores rather than take on additional food.


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      I always have an arguement with myself when lunch time rolls around. "Am I really hungry, or do I just feel like eating?" Honestly, I don't ever really feel hunger pangs unless I've been fasting for more than 16 hours, so it's really hard for me to guage if I need food or not. Some days I eat lunch, some days I don't. Some days that I skip I do get hungry a bit later and end up eating. Other times I never get hungry and just end up eating at dinner time. Then there are days, like yesterday, where I ate, and ate, and ate, even when I wasn't hungry at all.

      It's weird, but I think the body has a way of figuring it out all on its own. I don't see anything wrong with what you're doing and how you're eating. It doesn't seem at all unhealthy.


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        Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
        I always have an arguement with myself when lunch time rolls around. "Am I really hungry, or do I just feel like eating?"
        OK well that is good to know. I have 30 pounds of extra food around my waist area right now so if I'm lucky it will just fade away a bit faster. The oddest thing to deal with so far is just no MAN AM I HUNGRY feelings anymore.


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          From doing the warrior thing and now adding the fast five as well, I'm getting pretty used to idea of not eating during the day and to understand the difference between hunger and just wanting to eat. Yesterday, I was listening to my gf's ten year old daughter whine and cry about how starving she was about an hour before dinner time. I had fixed her plenty of breakfast and lunch and you would have thought that she had not eaten for days and days. I kept my mouth shut about it, but I really just wanted to say "child, you have no idea what the feeling being starving is.".


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            I have no problem not eating, and often eat only once a day. That being said, I just got some blood test results back and my creatinine is low. I'm not sure how to interpret that (I'm hoping Molecular Grokologist has some insight for me). I don't know if it means that I'm not eating enough, so wasting muscle is the result, or if I just have super kidneys. With all this protein and exercise I thought my levels would be high, or at least normal.


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              I just started eating well again a little less than a week ago, and the major difference I've noticed is the lack of my A.M. "food panic" - I'd wake up, and if I let like 20-30 minutes elapse before chowing down on cereal or eggs on toast, I would start to feel nauseous, dizzy, and generally not very good. For the past two mornings, no hunger panic! It's awesome to not feel like I need a dose of some drug in the morning.