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Is there such thing as too much meat? Dizziness

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    Originally posted by Mikee5 View Post
    I'm not a Primal skeptic, I truly believe in Primal but I don't support the idea of Mark advocating a lower carbohydrate intake and, in my opinion, the misleading and flawed 'carbohydrate curve'.
    I agree with everything you said but question this line.

    My take an the carb curb is this:
    - His trying to give a basic guide line that covers most people ( adult people - with 'sit down' jobs)
    - His readers are mostly adults, not growing teenagers that need plenty of good carbs to grow.
    - He often says the carb ( good carbs) intake should match the level of activity - eg a high level of activity is done by professional athletes and growing teenagers ( just the growing bit is a high level of activity in my opinion - not counting movement)

    So in that light, I don't have a problem with is carb curve guideline.
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      Mark has also said not to obsess over macros and that some folks fare better on a higher carb version of primal eating.

      Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple
      A Post-Primal PrimalPat

      Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.