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Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta?

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  • Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta?

    New here so please bear with me. I did search this but could not find a definative answer. Are jerusalem artichokes and the pasta made from them, specifically deboles primal? Thanks for any help.

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    Jerusalem Artichokes - Extremely Primal! An awesome source of inulin, a dietary fiber that is largely missing from most diets.

    Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta, brand name Deboles - Extremely NOT Primal! The ingredients are: "No. 1 durum semolina and Jerusalem artichoke flour". Each serving contains 41g carbs, with 1g fiber.

    Guess what No 1 Durum Semolina's wheat! Not any wheat, but a high-gluten wheat. Almost all pasta is made from durum semolina.

    The Jerusalem Artichoke content of this pasta is a joke at 1g per serving. If you are specifically looking to add prebiotics to your diet, inulin can be found in raw onion, garlic, and leeks as well as raw jerusalem artichokes.

    If you are looking for a primal pasta, there are several gluten free varieties that some use, and there is a product called Shiritake Noodles made from a Japanese Yam (konjac) that has absolutely no grain in it.

    Since you are new here, here's a tip that you will find useful: when you have something you are wondering about, such as primal pasta, go to the main blog page, and type your question in the search box at the top of the page. I just did that for 'primal pasta' and came up with a huge list of articles Mark wrote about the subject: Search Results | Mark's Daily Apple

    Anyway, hope that helped!


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      Also look up the Sea Tangle brand of kelp noodles. A good source of iodine and many other nutrients and also delicious.

      Sea Tangle Noodle Company: Eat Healthy Kelp Noodles & Mixed Sea Vegetables

      No, I don't work for them although they are made right here in San Diego.


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        Thanks so much. My search-fu was weak.


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          Looked up Jerusalem artichoke flour. Wow, that's expensive. It would make sense to grow them if you wanted the flour. They're so easy to grow they're practically an invasive weed.