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  • Bmi?

    I had an ongoing question i have never really got a good answer for, the body mass index test how realistic is that? I mean i know it's based off averages and everything. But it says for my height that a healthy weight would be 110 to 150 lbs. I have never weighed that little last time i was at one fifty i was addicted to methamphetamine i didn't really eat much and i had quit losing weight. It doesn't really bother me if my bmi isn't realistic i have always been a very muscular person even being really overweight now i still got lots of muscles. I just know that there is no way i could ever go below 150 lbs

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    My personal goal weight is 158 lbs. That is at the top of the BMI range for my height. When I was down at 168 lbs. I wore a size 8-10 depending on the cut of clothes. I looked GOOD. IF i got down to 135 ish..I wouldn't look that good. I am solid boned, and have muscle mass.


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      The BMI isn't very accurate. It doesn't take into consideration someone's frame or build. I am underweight, according to my BMI, yet according to the hip-to waist ration measurement of health, I'm at the high end (I have small hips).

      I would get your real body fat % measured and use that as your guide.


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        I call it the Bullshit Measurement Index.


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          I think BMI is way too simplistic to be useful. It is probably very meaningful to folks that are of average builds, but doesn't account for certain age factors, people who are "skinny fat", or those with above average muscle mass. My "optimal" weight range according to BMI is something like 126-162lbs. Body fat analysis tests indicate that my lean mass is something like 185lbs. Granted some of that can be attributed to things like hydration levels at the time of the test, but simplistically speaking, if I had 0% body fat I would still be 23lbs over weight. I put it in the same category as the food pyramid. Well intentioned but flawed. A general guideline intended for folks that don't wish to dig into the specifics of health.
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            I have never been a big fan of it as a guideline it just has been starting me in the face cause i have been tracking everything on fitday and my first goal weight is 185 and after that about 160-165 pretty much as long as i look and feel good then i'll be happy. And since i went primal i feel awesome


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              BMI is not a diagnostic tool. It was created for statistical research purposes only by a statistician named Adolphe Quetelet.
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                Please, please, please don't EVER use BMI. Use your straight body fat percentage. BMI makes absolutely no accounting for muscle. Virtually every professional athlete in the world would be considered obese based on BMI because it is strictly height v. weight.

                For example, I was a high school and college athlete. At 22 and at 20% body fat (low for a woman), I went in for my yearly exam with a new doctor. Without looking at me, the doctor reviewed my chart, saw my height and weight, referenced the BMI chart and told me I should lose 20 lbs. At 20% body fat. Needless to say, I reamed him a new one and explained how these types of ridiculous comments lead to eating disorders in young women. BMI is outdated and wholly inaccurate.
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                  BMI is garbage...