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Ways to increase fat intake

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  • Ways to increase fat intake

    What are good ways to add fat intake to meals? I have heard ideas but haven't tried: drinking 4 oz cream with meals, coconut butter, etc... Any suggestions? Anyone tried these ideas?

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    egg. bacon. avocado. macadamia nut. salad with oil and vinegar dressing. homemade mayo.
    bulletproof coffee. full fat greek yogurt or added cream.
    Also generous amount of butter or coconut oil when cooking.
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      Eat fatty meat, fat and all. Add extra egg yolks when you scramble eggs.


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        Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to Primal. I've been reading all the threads about "adding more fat", but I'm struggling to do that and still stay within your required calories. For my height(5'1) and my goal weight of 115 (I am now 35.8 as of today) by calories should be 1227, but I'm still hungry after, which is odd, because when I started this "way of life" over a month ago, I wasn't hungry and had to force myself to eat more. Now, it seems I can't get enough even though my fat intake stay about 75-80%. I started this at 141ibs and dropped to 134.6 with fluctuations of course, but no drops since then. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks


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          yeah seriously just eat fattier cuts of meat and you wouldn't have a problem. Add some coconut oil and butter. Use some olive oil in your salad.


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            Are you exercising? Lift some weights, that will increase your energy requirements (among other benefits).

            Are you eating protein at every meal? I find that helps me feel satisfied, better than fat does.
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              Add fat to veggies and fruit. Broccoli soaked in olive oil, banana spread with coconut oil, stewed rhubarb with coconut cream, macadamia nuts blended with coconut oil and a tiny bit of water and vanilla makes a super high-fat cream to cover berries with.


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                Bone in fatty cuts cooked low and slow are some of the most nutritious portions you can choose. Start there. Lots of eggs. Just that will get you to 60+% fat by calories. Add some butter to cook stuff in and you can get to 80% rather easily if thats your goal.


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                  ...Eat fattier foods?

                  80/20 ground beef.
                  Coconut milk/cream
                  Coconut butter (hnng)
                  Dark chocolate

                  Really isn't all that hard.
                  Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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