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    Form PrimalChat

    "I want to suggest an idea that would be pretty cool if others tagged on to it. Twitter allows us to use what are called hashtags. A hashtag is any thought or idea preceded by the # sign. My idea is simple. In support and solidarity of the Primal lifestyle, Im wondering how many people would simply tweet one simple message: #WeArePrimal (all one word). Just one time in the next week. Then, at any point in time we could do a twitter search for #WeArePrimal and would find how many others who are like us. Are you willing to tweet that one line for all to see and then to ask others to re-tweet it as well, provided they are Primal/Paleo?"

    Tweet away :-)

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    Sounds fun, but you won't find me - I do not and will not ever own a cell phone. (hey, that's primal!)


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      Twitter can be used from any internet-accessing device, like a computer, netbook, or ipod touch.


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        Oh. Well, obviously I have a computer but I'm busy enough, and I have a big enough job weaning myself off the technology I use now (like this site! but like so many things I obsess & suck in as much as I can for a few days, but then it finds its own equilibrium and I can get back to normal life!). cheerio


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          Done and done... ... even though I'm only on my third day fully primal :-P