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Seasonal allergies and rash

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  • Seasonal allergies and rash

    Hi all, hopefully this is in the right place. I thought maybe someone would have suggestions about what to eat/not eat to help me out with this. I have seasonal allergies that hit me pretty hard every June. I haven't been on prescription medication this year, but had a bad enough time a couple of years ago that I was on Allegra. I've been taking fexofenadine OTC this year. Here is the part where I am confused. I used to suffer from eczema a couple of years ago before starting to clean up my diet some, but I have not had any big problems with that since then. However, right after my seasonal allergies started up a couple of weeks ago I noticed a rash on my legs and arms. I started primal I believe on June 2nd, and so at first I was racking my brain trying to figure out if the nuts I was consuming could have been causing it or the dairy (we haven't cut that out, but starting to think I need to) or what. Then I got to thinking about last year, and I realized that around the same time last year I had a little breakout of this rash. So I'm beginning to wonder if it is related to my seasonal allergies. The fexofenadine has no effect on it whatsoever. I do have some steroid cream leftover from the bad eczema days, but I'd prefer not to use it if possible. Any suggestions/enlightenment?