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    I've been primal for about a month now (well, 99% primal. the one thing i haven't given up is greek yogurt ) and i've been losing weight (about 1-3 lbs a week) by eating between 1400-1500 calories a day and also lifting weights/walking for 20-40 minutes after lifting weights/2 HIIT sessions a week on the treadmill. I don't eat back my workout calories. But today i decided to try something different, and eat back my workout calories. I burned 840 calories according to my heart rate monitor (legs day, it was a longer workout). So instead of just eating 1500 calories, i ate back 700 of my workout calories. So i ate ~2100-2200, still putting my net calories in the 1400-1500 range. I also did a higher carb day (150g net carbs after fiber is subtracted). The other 6 days of the week i naturally fall in the low end of the carb scale by just eating primal, some days very low (50g or under) other days around 60-80g.

    I'm aware that this is basically a "refeed" day. However, my weight loss hasn't been stalled, and from my understanding, these types of refeed or higher carb/calorie days are usually put into place only when weight loss is stalled. But for me, i feel like 1 day a week where i get to eat until i'm pretty satiated sort of keeps me sane throughout this dieting process. BUT I'm worried that it will hinder my weight loss. I mean, if i'm already losing, why change the system, right?

    Just wondering if anyone else out there who is dieting has 1 day a week where they eat back all their workout calories and whether or not it has hindered/helped their dieting efforts.

    (btw im female, 22 years old, 5'5 currently weigh 138)

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    Oh, btw, on my "high calorie" days I'm still eating primal (minus the greek yogurt of course) i just eat more sweet potatoes and fruits. I eat very healthy and have lost virtually all cravings for unhealthy foods


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      Yeah, you'll be fine.

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