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timing meals and workouts

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  • timing meals and workouts

    Hi all,

    I have a meal timing question. I've had it drilled into my head to leave 4-5 hours between meals and not snack. Since doing this, I've noticed a huge (positive) difference in blood sugar stability. I like to think i'm close to being fat adapted and would like to stay that way. Now i'm starting to workout more intensely again (lifting) and i don't know if I should do a post workout meal in addition to my 3 meals. So it would look something like this

    Breakfast- 730 ish
    PWO snack 1130ish (carbs +prot)
    Lunch 1230 or 1
    Dinner 5 or 6

    Will the PWO snack keep me from being a fat burner because its so close to the next meal? Should I just skip it and go right to lunch?

    Also, I'm trying to lose weight if that makes any difference

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