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  • First Half Marathon Primal

    This next weekend I am going to do my first half marathon as a Primal convert. I'm a little nervous about it and would love feedback as to how to go about preparing. I have done gobs of half and full marathons but I've done it as a carb burning human! I do not go slow in my races. I typically run my halfs at 7-7:20 pace or which is a threshhold level for me and I push it the entire way. At this pace I assume I won't be burning much fat. I did a tempo run this past weekend for 8 miles at 7:10 pace and I bonked about mile 7 so I assume that i may need to adjust my expectations a little since I am still trying to get used to this lifestyle.

    What should I eat this week? just more starchy fruits and veggies to increase the glycogen a bit or what?

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    be sure to give us a race report!
    what you ate , what worked for you. There are several athletes in this forum changing from carbs to fat burning fuel, so please let us know!


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      Yes, I will be interested to hear also! I am aiming to do my first half marathon in November. Although I've only just recently converted to a primal lifestyle and am not sure how the training avoids the 'chronic cardio' concept. Can you fill us in on how you went with training? ie. how often you train, how far you run etc? I've decided not to push myself too much from a cardio perspective with my exercise and also incorporate strength training and some sprints (haven't really done either before), but at the same time I want to be as prepared as I can!

      In regards to your diet, I think that you should go with what you know.. what do you eat before doing long training runs when you feel the best?

      Good luck with it!!



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        Yeesh! Those speeds you listed are my all out speeds for my 2 mile run!!!

        My half marathon on Saturday was on a really hilly trail and I averaged 11:15 miles. I could have maybe dropped to 10:00 miles if I wasn't staying with my running partner.

        I don't eat anything different. I have my meat and a little veggies. Afterwards, I will have a piece of fruit and maybe a little 70-85% dark chocolate. I've found I don't crave any more carbs after my long runs though. The other great thing, I've noticed my wheels give out long before I'm out of breath.

        Good luck on the run!


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          thanks for your responses. XYZ that is helpful to hear from someone who has been there and done that!

          I came from a long season of racing endurace events. I do half ironmans and half/full marathons. Because of that I haven't had to do as much to keep up that base. Everything organized i do is with intensity. Unorganized "fat burning" are things like chores around the house, jumping with kids on the tramp and walking next to my kids as they ride their bikes. My runs have been between 3-7 miles mostly full of intervals (2 min jog/1 min sprint). I have done very few long runs since December which was my last marathon. I did one 14 mile hill run 2 weeks ago which went great but it was at 8:45 pace which is comfortable. I'm sure fat was the primary fuel for that run and I felt strong for it. This race is different. either I go out and just run for fun at a comfortable speed knowing I can finish no problem, or I dare to push it, burn whatever glycogen is stored (I'm thinking very little!) and probably then dive into my muscles for energy and hope for the best. lol. Its a good experiment. I'll let you know how it goes down!


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            I read a recent post regarding this subject and I've decided to go do this half marathon without altering ANYthing. Today I'm doing the same day as I have been, and tomorrow I'm either going to have my regular eggs in butter, coffee with cream breakfast or IF . Same options I do everyday before gym work. Since going PB eating or not eating before workouts doesn't seem to have much effect either way. I'm not even doing my massive hydrating thing I usually do before half or full marathons. This will be an experiment! I'll let you know how it goes


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              Good luck with it. My half marathon is tomorrow morning (Sunday). I'll be doing mine with a spoonfull of coconut oil and some cashews since I won't be able to get to the chow hall before the race.

              Good luck, and let us know how you do.


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                Half mary was today and it went great. For those interested I'll go through what I did and what seemed to work-the first time around.
                Last night I had bbq chicken thighs, grilled asparagus, baby greens with walnuts, red onion, walnuts, feta and a homemade dressing of balsamic/olive oil, avocado and cream all blended (SUPER GOOD).

                This morning I had 1 egg cooked in nothing, half a cup of coffee with cream. I was not hungry and didn't wan to eat but my stomach did feel unsettled so I did. I had about 16 oz of water driving to the race.

                I had a few stomach issues that I think had to do with some bbq sauce that was on my chicken. My husband is not primal...and doesn't always think like me Port-a-potties fixed the tummy.

                Race went great. Gun went off and I felt amazing right off the bat. I'd done a heavier workout on Wed that made me sore compounded with a really fast tempo run the next day. I had some residual soreness from all that, but I like to go into things like this a little sore. I can feel my muscles better. I knew my pace was a little on the fast side but I really felt like I could handle it. In the back of my mind I was waiting for the bomb to drop since this is how i felt on that longer tempo run last weekend too...and I totally pooped out early on that one.

                I had music, which helped a ton. I don't normally run with it but I had a new playlist and it was a closed course so it was perfect. I drank from aid stations (water) at mile 6 and mile 8 but that was it. It was a warm day for this race-low 70's by the time we were out there and there wasn't much shade.

                I started at 7:30 pace but by the end I was averaging 7:08. Time was 1:33:26. There were a few spots where I felt really tired but it was more a mental thing. I haven't done long runs for a while so being out there that long and seeing the miles wrack up beyond what I do in my training right now was a little daunting. My mind went "You can't do this because you haven't been doing this!" but my body was stronger today.

                I never felt like I hit a wall or I was in a gutter. I coudl always vary my pace even if I felt tired I could push. I was passing people all the way to the end and I got a lot of complimenting people say "great job you look so strong!". I totally felt sustained in a way I never have in a race. Normally by the end I'm just DONE, totally depleated. I was reaching into storehouses I've never known before and it was an amazing feeling! As long as I kept my breathing under control I was totally fine and I could push it. At the end I felt nauseous when I finished but a little jog and a bottle of water and I felt almost good as new again!

                Post race i had leftover chicken, salad and asparagus plus a small piece of gluten free pizza I made yesterday for my kids and later a spoon or two full of a lower carb ice cream. Small indulgencces I felt okay about today


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                  GREAT info, trikate! Thanks for sharing your experience. I've been waffling on energy during workouts so it is good to read your about your run/run (non) prep. That said, I'm not doing any halfs any time soon. =)
                  Last edited by say_rahhh; 05-01-2010, 12:44 PM. Reason: Forgot to tell you, holy moly you're fast! Congrats on your pace.
                  Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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                    GREAT!!!! Glad to hear it went so well. I am actually waiting to head out the door for mine as I type this.

                    Dinner last night was two big slices of prime rib (the chow hall's version), a BBQ pork chop and a little cabbage. I've had a small handful of macadamia nuts this morning and my fish oil capsules with a little coffee. Let the fun begin!

                    I don't foresee the blazing fast times you had, but I'm shooting for a comfortable 2:15. I may have to push my running partner a bit. Literally.


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                      Alrighty! Finished it in 2:16:11 today. According to my Garmin wrist GPS it was actually 13.32 miles. I ran the last 1.75 miles barefoot, the rest was done in my VFF Treks.

                      I am perfectly happy with that time considering it was up and down hills for the entire course around the Camp. I felt great during the race. I think I could have shaved a bit off, but my running partner was a bit slower.


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                        Right on, XYZ!!!


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                          Did you wear your VFFs in PT gear? =)
                          Because if you didn't know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don't lose the now.


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                            I have worn them in PT gear in the past. I don't wear it this time around though.


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                              GOOD LUCK! You may really surprise yourself!!