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Re-using bones

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  • Re-using bones

    I am making my first batch of gf bone broth from neck bones from slankers...I'm going to simmer this in the crock pot for 48 hours...I'm aiming to have a cup a day with dinner but realize that this set of bones is only gong to make me about 10 days of broth...can I reuse these bones or are they pretty much spent after 48 hours? I was thinking when this batch was done, I would just put the bones back in, add water and repeat...would this work? I don't anticipate needing to order from slankers more than every 2 months or so since I'm the only primal one in my houshold...I don't have a local source of gf bones...I have a set of marrow bones too but I was hoping to get more than 1 batch per set of bones (2.5lbs)

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    we only use ours once, and we use chicken mostly. sometimes we get beef bones too, but it's more rare. we have 2 chickens a week, so that keeps us in broth.


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      I would think to only use them once. They tell you to cook them until your dog doesn't even want the bone when you are finished.


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        Right or wrong, I dont know, but I grind up my bones also. And all the veggies. This makes it Nice and thick, which if you wanted, you could add more water and that would make it go farther.

        I don't think they would be good for much else. Except my dogs still love the bone broth also
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