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dilberryhoundog's whole 30 eating protocol

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    Thanks for sharing this dilberry, it looks really interesting. Something I might try. I don't 'need' to lose weight but I would like to drop my BF% down a bit, very difficult for me because I love eating and don't do well if I feel regimented or deprived! I also find myself eating the same pattern of food but I'm trying to adopt a more open-minded attitude to life in general so maybe this would help too...


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      Originally posted by gopintos View Post
      I have been reading something similar lately, though I can't recall where. That if you drink lots, you dont have good benefits, but if you limit to like a cup or two a day or something, you can reap benefits.

      25 miles a day. You are a machine.
      25 was my minimum. An easy day for me, actually. I'm not a machine though. I learned of a lady out there right now who is averaging 42 miles a day!

      One detriment to easing up on coffee is if you order decaf and they give you regular you lay awake all night.
      Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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        Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
        I gave up coffee before I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail so that I would not need to fuss with making coffee on the trail. I did not notice anything different about giving up coffee. Hiking a daily marathon makes a person quite hungry after a month or so. So any chance I got I would try and get a hot breakfast. I would take detours from the trail if it was only a few miles to a restaurant. For the longest time I thought it was the pancakes and eggs that gave me so much energy but then I realized it was the coffee. It was an AMAZING energy boost, too. Once I carried some energy gummy bears I picked up in a gas station. I ate them as a snack somewhere in the wilderness and then oh man I was flying so high that I hiked up these steep switchbacks at like 4 or 5 miles an hour and passed all these people one after the other, practically knocked them over out of my way. I put in like 10 miles flying like this until I crashed, but I did manage to put in 25 miles that day and make it out to another restaurant by late afternoon, just in time for a big dinner. So really the only energy boost I got from quitting coffee was that when I did have caffeine it worked really really well.
        Wow, that hike sounds awesome! I just looked it up online, and the trail is 26,000 miles. Did you do the whole thing? Did you just camp along the trail? Don't know if I'll ever be able to take that much time off work to do the whole 26,000 miles, but I would love to.

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          Thanks so muc dilberryhoundog for this thread and sharing what has worked for you.

          I found some of your comments on other threads earlier when I was trying to get some idea of why, after 3 weeks of primal (but specifically VLC), I put on weight today! I understand about daily fluctuations but... again, after 3 weeks of improved physical activity and feeling better/going further/faster each day (walking for 40 minutes) yesterday's walk left me feeling awful.

          It was as if what had worked before just stopped working!

          I have also struggled to get my calories - after the "extra allowance" generated by exercise - from high fat, moderate protein, low carb. It meant I was relying on cheese and processed meats (ham, bacon, salami) to get anywhere near enough. That ain't primal!

          Quick background: Mum of 4 (ranging in ages from 6 to 17), homeschool, private chef - all means a busy, chaotic, random lifestyle (which I love btw) but combined with a large focus on FOOD as it is what I do. Having just had a month off from work I'm fearing how I can go back to cooking, testing, tasting etc whilst still maintaining my targets! Like you, I battled an eating disorder so, as becks83 said above, "I love eating and don't do well if I feel regimented or deprived". Restricting food brings on all the old issues of control etc associated with the eating disorder. The way around that has been to stick to the same foods most days - and now THAT in itself is an issue!

          So, everything you've said has made sense so far. I now need to work out how to incorporate the principles behind those "rules" into my lifestyle.

          Time restrictions, finances and serious self-esteem/body image issues means going to a gym is out for me in terms of exercise. Once or twice a week I do a 7 minute work out from HasFit (on YouTube) - either dumbells or stomach - the rest of the time I'm walking. I LOVE walking and my natural walking speed is quite fast - 4mph - so I do 35-40 minutes walk of between 4mph and 4.5mph and I'm managing to do that every day.

          The biggest issue is fear - I have lost 5.2kg in 3 weeks but that has varied hugely from day to day (VLC days I was losing .5kg a day, other days just 100g!) but I still have 20kg to go to be at the top end of the "ideal weight" for my height apparently. Fortunately for me I am a "fat on the inside" person so I don't look quite as grossly obese as the figures on paper suggest Having just gone 2 days without losing a gram, and now today finding I'm 100g up, my fear is putting the weight back on. I HAVE to shift this weight!

          At the moment I'm working to goals set on myfitnesspal of 1,200cal/day - 30g carbs (10%) 80g fat (60%)90g protein (30%).

          Any advice/encouragement appreciated!