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Need to replace fat with muscle but not lose weight, advice please

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    Thanks EKatherine you are probably right - yesterday I had 90g protein!
    I'm still not gaining weight despite eating more calories, does anyone else have this problem? I think it's to do with not enough carbohydrates especially after I exercise in the evenings, I'm having oats for breakfast with nuts etc and lots of starchy veg...Im thinking about drinking full fat organic milk now, as since cutting out milk (apart from yoghurt and cheese occasionally) I definitely noticed that I lost weight, although I cant be sure it was from the milk. I used to have it in my tea several times a day so not sure that I was actually drinking THAT much. I might get some kefir too, anyone tried this?


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      Some people need to eat a lot more calories to gain weight than others. It is a very individual thing.

      Your body is inefficient in its utilization of calories.


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        Agree with the others, lift heavy! HEAVY!

        My weight has stayed almost the same for 6 months but my body has changed hugely. (You can click the journal link in my signature for photos)

        It takes time but just every now and then you're sort of like WOAH when did that muscle get there. Especially because as females we are so use to looking to the scales for validation.

        I barely ever weigh myself now.

        Go get em girl
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          Originally posted by sarah13 View Post
          55kg and 5 foot 7

          I workout 4-5 times a week in the evenings after work, usually 20-30 minutes cardio at no more than 60-70% of my maximum heart rate, then I do bodyweight exercises for 40 minutes, use the viper/weights/kettlebellss/trx etc.

          I usually get 1000 calories
          You're not going to gain muscle eating at a severe caloric deficit. Add in all of the exercise you're doing, and you are not fueling yourself properly to even maintain your weight, nevermind gaining muscle -- so no wonder you're losing so much.

          Eat more. Lift. Figure out how much you should actually be eating and eat that.
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