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Looking for good Paleo Bar recipe - want to us new Fish Protein Powder

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  • Looking for good Paleo Bar recipe - want to us new Fish Protein Powder

    hello, i'm trying to make my own Paleo Bar - and looking for a good recipe that includes a protein powder - i plan to replace it with AminoMarine Fish Protein Powder and see what kind of taste i can get.


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    According to the Paleo Bar site, the ingredients are just walnuts, pecans, dates, cocoa, and coconut oil, no protein powder. You don't need a recipe. Put unsweetened dried fruit of your choice in a food processor, add dry ingredients like nuts, cocoa, and your fish powder until the consistency is stiff and can be rolled out between two sheets of plastic wrap. Cut into bar shapes and dust with finely ground nuts, sesame seed, coconut meal, etc.

    I don't use protein powder, but I've done something like this several times. It's really easy.


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      thanks - i see the nut versions at the store and have made those at home - was looking to get the AminoMarine Fish Peptide product incorporated into the bar - looking for the hydrolyzed proteins for fast absorption after working out, mixed with slower release nuts.


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        I became with being unable to eat store bought protein bars!
        I Also Likes Fish Protein Powder.