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Anyone suffering from digestive issues?

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    Well I thought I check in again. Been a week yesterday and so I manage to go #2 twice last week (Monday and Thursday) but Sunday I was struggling with bloated stomach and constipation again so i broke down and had Smooth tea and went a little bit yesterday but it was small plops....Unifiber is suppose to come in this week. I hope that will help.

    My ultrasound results came back and the Dr called me. He said I don't have gallstones BUT the tube from the gallbladder is thicker than normal and he suggest we get some other opinions. So I am expecting a call from the GI Dr this week as to what to do next and general surgeon too.... so I guess we will see. I can't stress about this...perhaps it has to do with my reasons for constipation, bloatingness, weight struggle..IDK! Just like to get it all straighten out...but I am still eating good and sticking to this Paleo way. Also going with the ESter C, magnesium and Chia seeds as recommended by Ron on this post...I know this all takes time..anyways, that is my update.
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      I'll follow tinacristina's lead and check in.

      The last three days have gone pretty well. I'm eating the same things as before, but meals are smaller. I take a probiotic, fermented cod liver oil-butter blend and vitamin D at breakfast, NOW superenzyme at lunch, and drink dilute apple cider vinegar before dinner. I'm inconsistent with glutamine and magnesium glycinate but I take those at bedtime. At the recommendation of my naturopath, I'm taking Microbial Maintenance and oil of oregano.

      It will be easy to add ginger, and in a few weeks, I'll be back to spicy foods (currently on elimination diet, and working to add foods back in). I'll also look into R-lipoic acid.

      So, i'm not following the protocol, but I can see the parallels.


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        Tina, increase the Vitamin C and Magnesium Citrate for the time being. Increase the C by a thousand and the citrate by 200-300mg. Drink plenty of water as well. Also order Bile Acid Factors by Jarrow, and follow the supplement instructions to see if we can eliminate the gallbladder problems.
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          Has anyone that's posted on here gone forward with the SIBO treatment protocol yet? I'm convinced that I have SIBO, which is very unfortunate as it looks to be extremely difficult to eradicate, but at the same time I feel better finally knowing what I have. I've been told for the past year that I have GERD, and I just never believed it. It really pisses me off that both my GI dr and a naturopath never even suggested that my constant burping and bloating after eating could be SIBO. Luckily, I was only on PPIs for a couple of weeks before I didn't feel well and researched how bad PPIs are for your health.

          I've cleaned up my diet immensely (mostly grass fed beef, chicken, fish, bacon, lots of eggs, pistachios, almonds, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, spinach, romaine, kale, collard greens, chard, edamame beans, ginger, and the occasional white or sweet potato). Everyone teases me and tells me that I eat like a bird now because I'm always eating salads at lunch with chicken or hard boiled eggs in them as well as a bunch of other vegetables, and I've always been a skinny guy at 5'11" and 160 lbs. Even eating hardly any processed junk, I haven't seen any benefits really. I am so jealous when I see people stuffing their face with sandwiches, ice cream, pasta, etc. This SIBO, if I do have it, is really destroying my outlook on life as everything now revolves around food. At least if I were seeing benefits I wouldn't mind, but the only benefit I have is knowing that I'm eating healthier food. I think my SIBO has gotten worse this year as I now have burning in my legs when walking that is relieved when sitting down, which I'm attributing to the bacteria stealing all of my nutrients, especially magnesium. I've played sports my whole life and I've always been in shape and healthy up until the past year, so to know that when I now walk and my legs burn really bothers me.

          I've researched SIBO diligently for the past week and there are many treatments for it, some of which are more successful than others. I'd like to avoid antibiotics, as although they are very effective, it seems as if SIBO is almost guaranteed to return after antibiotic treatment. It appears as though the only way to get better is to do a combination of antibiotic/anti-microbial plus a biofilm disruptor like Lactoferrin or Interfase Plus while being on an extremely strict GAPS/SCD for months.

          I have my SIBO breath test in a month, so I have to suffer with this anxiety and burping/bloating/leg pain until then. I'm not sure if I should start any herbal treatments like peppermint oil and Interfase Plus yet without knowing for sure that I have SIBO as I'm afraid to do any damage. Has anyone had any results treating SIBO? I would seriously appreciate any input. Ron Swanson (I believe his real name is John) has been very helpful in providing me with details on how to treat this. I'm just interested to hear if anyone else has successfully treated SIBO.
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            I have digestive issues. Always have. Is it SIBO, nightshade intolerance or an autoimmune condition? I don't know.

            I've had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, hpylori test. All negative.

            I have always been sluggish, constipation prone, tired, with low immunity. Gassy, belching, extremely tender to touch stomach. Aching muscles, weak.

            I was on PPIs for almost 2 years.

            I've been paleo for year and half and while it had made me feel much better in so many ways, I still have the gas, bloating and constipation. More recently a pain in my right side. (Not appendix, I got it checked out).

            I just wrote a couple of questions on here about nightshades, GAPS, auto immune diet. Now I'm thinking SIBO could be a possibility. So, do I suffer stomach issues? YES! So does most of my family. Auto immune problems, gall bladder problems, chrons and IBS.

            I wasn't breastfed so possible lack of good gut bacteria?

            I'm not sure if I should start an elimination diet. And if so which one? Auto immune diet restricts nightshades but FODMAPS does not. Should I eat fruit our not? Should I avoid fermented foods like saurkraut (more gas) or introduce them into my diet? So confused!
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              You could always starve the bacteria to death using a semi-elemental or elemental diet. Look here: SIBO- Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth - Welcome
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                Can we discuss transit time? Though I have been having BMs regularly (1-2x daily) for the last two weeks, I had previously been suffering from constipation (only for a month or two). However, tonight I saw some undigested food in my stool. The problem is, the food that was in my stool tonight was eaten exactly one week ago. I know, because it's not something I eat usually. How is it I am going so regularly but I am a week behind in clearing out?

                As a note, I had been taking Hcl, but stopped a few weeks ago because even one pill caused excessive burning for hours afterward. Should I think about digestive enzymes instead?


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                  ^I know it seems like crazy TMI (even more than discussing poop), but what food exactly did not seem digested?

                  Yes, if you are getting heartburn from HCL, stomach acid is not an issue. Digestive enzymes should be taken with meals. I've found they help with the "heavy" feeling I was getting with food.

                  If your gut never "caught up" after the constipation, it's possible things are slowed down, but 1 week would be pretty concerning.
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                    I agree, one week seems long. I am going regularly again, so maybe this food is not good for me. I have been eating vlc during the week, and every sunday I refeed. Its only been the last two weeks that I have done this. Actually, it was the switch to meat only that is helping me not be constipated. Eating meat and a variety of veggies had me very constipated. Nothing helped- not chia seeds, magnesium, triphala, or anything. Switching to meat only has me going again. Last Sunday, my first refeed day, I had beans, for the first time in forever. This was a bean in my stool. Completely intact, undigested.

                    I feel great when I eat only meat, or small salads. But on refeed (veggie and fruit days) I feel like I don't digest things well. I also tend to overeat. I have found I need alot of fat in my meals or else I have symptoms of low blood sugar. I am currently trying to find what woe works best for me.

                    PS thanks for discussing poop with me!


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                      Bloatation Device!

                      Originally posted by Ron_Swanson View Post
                      Are anyone on the forum suffering from digestive issues? I might be able to help if you let me know the problems you are having. Post questions on this thread and I will see what I can do to help.
                      Thanks for this! I've been doing a strict 100% paleo diet now for a few days and am looking at this as a lifestyle, not something I plan on "going off of". that being said, I have been suffering with extreme bloating, stomach aches and have gained 5 lbs. without increasing my caloric intake. Help!


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                        I think I need to join this thread. I'm not exactly sure when it started (probably about a year ago now), but my BMs are just not solid anymore. I have gas a lot, not constantly, but often enough. I frequently have very little warning before I need to vist the bathroom and when I go, it is just never normal. I have full out diarrhea at least once a week.

                        About a month ago I started drinking kefir and it seemed to help. But, if I missed even one day, I was back to loose stools. I gave up the kefir to do the fast metabolism diet and things have not been going well since then. I really have no idea what the problem is. I've tried probiotics but they did nothing. The kefir was alright, but I don't really enjoy it and it seems like a lot of extra calories that I don't need. I have cramping pretty regularly but I haven't been able to peg it to a particular food. Especially now that I have given up all added sugars, caffeine, alcohol and I'm cooking just about all of my meals at home so no bad oils. I have had rice and oats since starting the fast metabolism diet, but the symptoms I'm having don't appear to be any better or worse.

                        Any ideas what is going on? I'm really tired of this.


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                          Sounds like IBS-D caused by possible SIBO. Follow my SIBO protocol and limit FodMaps and Resistant Starch's (potatoes, and long grain rice) for one month. You should be better then. Also to help with the diarrhea on those days take a herb called sangro de drago as long as you don't have a latex allergy.
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                            Hi Ron, what does this sound like?

                            + Lower / mid right side discomfort, sometimes dull, sometimes a bit sharp, tender areas when pressed, mostly when sitting down or bowing.
                            + Morning lower / mid right back discomfort, tender areas.
                            + Constipation, small separated hard lumps.
                            + Bloated, hard area, also on the right, usually in the morning.
                            + off and on quite some gas.
                            + Gorgling stomach, when pressed air / gas moves.

                            My two doctors say IBS and 'IBS like'.
                            Thank you.
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                              Augmentin seems to have cured my digestive problems. Now I can eat all the delicious fibrous roots and fruits I've been craving.

                              Just saying.


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                                Originally posted by Ron_Swanson View Post
                                Sounds like IBS-D caused by possible SIBO. Follow my SIBO protocol and limit FodMaps and Resistant Starch's (potatoes, and long grain rice) for one month. You should be better then. Also to help with the diarrhea on those days take a herb called sangro de drago as long as you don't have a latex allergy.

                                I've looked through the thread and I'm not sure what the SIBO protocol is. Is it one of the IBS protocols you wrote out or something else? I need to do something, but I don't want to spend money/time doing the wrong thing if I can avoid it.