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Dairy and anxiety?!

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  • Dairy and anxiety?!

    Has anyone heard of this connection before? I just came across several articles talking about how people gave up dairy and their anxiety disappeared!

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    Oh yes - 2 of my kids are extremely affected by dairy. My son gets super hyper after milk and one of my daughters gets very emotional and will fight with her siblings after milk - very out of character for her to fight with anyone.


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      It is a possibility that the body is "panicking" from not be able to digest Casein and Lactose. Try taking a good digestive enzyme before eating something with diary to see if the anxiety is lessened.
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        Does milk (or other dairy) give you anxiety?


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          I can have a little milk in tea or coffee, but if I have much more than that I definitely get these symptoms - feeling sluggish and generally in a low mood.
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            One of mine gets totally smoothed out and relaxed on milk. It is what she sometimes grabs when she is all anxiousy before bedtime, and it works every time. No, we are not heavy dairy users at this house - two others are allergic, so our food is always dairy-free, and those of us who tolerate it have to consciously add it in extra.
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