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How safe is Stevia?

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  • How safe is Stevia?

    I drink a ton of tea a day; and I _have to still sweeten it. I choose Stevia; have seen nothing bad yet about it. Wondering if it is indeed safe; and if it might still stimulate insulin just from the sweet taste?

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    Mark mentioned that stevia might actually enhance insulin sensitivity as per one of his "is it primal" articles a while back. It's pretty safe as far as I know.

    The only thing is, it might keep your taste buds craving sweet foods and from that perspective it could make adapting your dietary habits a little harder. But many people use it just fine from time-to-time.
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      I have been using one stevia for my coffee in the mornings, personally I think in moderation you should be fine.


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        I prefer raw honey over stevia because it not processed and has nutrients. However, if you don't like the way honey tastes I would pick organic cane sugar before stevia extract, but stevia over agave syrup, splenda, or aspartame. I try not to eat anything processed anymore.
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          By the way if you choose stevia, pick the the green leaf kind over the white.