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  • is this true?

    If you'll remember, stress increases the need for glucose. If liver glycogen is depleted adrenaline will release free fatty acids from the tissue for fuel and glucose will be supplied by cortisol from protein. Free fatty acids in the serum reduce thyroid signaling, damage tissues, and inhibit the use of glucose via the Randle cycle.
    took me a couple of reads to wonder if it was true? stress needs glucose. Energy is made from fat (while primal) but to deal with stress in our lives cortisol breaks down protein to make the glucose to deal with stress (while low carbing)... Is this why my muscles aren't growing? I would go as far to say I am under a lot of stress last few years, so is cortisol breaking up the protein in my diet to create glucose to deal with the stress (and consequently not enough protein is going to muscle repair after gym) and body is breaking down fat for energy?

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    Check out articles:
    ....."Cortisol sets off an increased rush of glucose from your tissues (including breaking down muscle tissue to make glucose)".......
    "Cortisol is the major stress hormone, and it exists for a very legitimate reason (dealing with “flight or fight” incidents, inadequate sleep, anxiety), but in large amounts cortisol increases serum amino acids by breaking down muscle, inhibiting protein synthesis and reducing amino acid uptake by the muscles – all awful things for muscle growth"
    " * Cortisol – The bad guy who breaks down muscle (some is needed, too much is bad)"