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  • Intro & IF questions

    Hi to all! 21yo from Qld, Australia. I have referred to these forums numerous times over the past year or so, but now I am starting to become more serious about forcing change in my health and physique, I wanted to jump in and try ask some questions of the nutritionally minded folks here.
    I have been lifting weights and eating healthier for about 24 months now and while I have gained approx. 10-12kg, along with increased strength, I don't look like I lift weights due to my body fat. This year I decided to get more serious and try get outside my comfort zone to force the change I want.

    So this leads me to my questions.
    After talking with some people at my gym, including a trainer, as well as trying to research on the net, I am going to give Intermittent Fasting a go for 2-3 weeks and see what the results are. My primary focus is body recomposition (as referred to on the sites) and I am following the template described by &
    It goes into a lot of info that is confusing me and while I feel I grasp the main concepts, I am worried about under eating and also missing the mark on my macro intake.

    So far I have:

    182cm tall
    BF% unknown - bicep, forearm & shoulder veins, love handles, belly fat, no visible abdominals
    Eating window - 12:30pm - 8:30pm
    Training day cals & macros - 3000 cals, 350g carbs, 220gr protein, 80g fat
    Rest day cals & macros - 2200 cals, 150g carbs, 220g protein, 90g fat

    I understand it is very hard to take this info and try help me, but if anyone can try and deduce if I am eating too much/ too little. I also understand the websites are supposed to outline everything, but there is so much grey area, it is hard not to get bogged down in it.


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    All the charts that tell you how many calories you "should" be eating are all written by, for, and about SAD eating metabolisms.

    Primal foods are much more nutrient dense per calorie than junk foods so you may find that your real caloric need is lower. But nobody can tell you this except you. Play around with some different levels and find the one that works.

    You might also want to look into warrior diet style eating. One main meal (dinner) with maybe a little snack during the day. That works really well for me.


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      Training day cals & macros - 3000 cals, 350g carbs, 220gr protein, 80g fat
      Rest day cals & macros - 2200 cals, 150g carbs, 220g protein, 90g fat

      I consider myself a pretty veteran Leangains practitioner. I have been using it off and on (Usually 8 or 12 weeks cycles) for about 3 years. I am currently in the middle of a cut using it, at about 7%BF now with a goal of 6% and then going off for awhile. With these as my only legitimatizers, here are my two cents:

      What you have written there is a BULKING program. I am about 82kg and 178cm, so slightly shorter and lighter, but my numbers are nowhere near that high. I use the formula on the site, and I suggest you re-calculate based on much lower adjustment values. Assuming you are doing a re-comp of -20% on rest days, +20% on training days from BMR, you are saying that your BMR is 2600 calories....I would imagine it is closer to about 2300 to 2400, unless you have a lot of lean muscle or walk/hike daily or work outside all day.

      Also, I would not suggest you do a re-comp to start your experiment. This is generally the "maintenance" phase, and is done last, after a bulk and then a cut. From your description, the bulking part has been done. You have gotten stronger, but are not happy with the definition all that hard work left you with....this means it's the lovely cutting phase up next.

      For me, my numbers on my current cut look like this:
      Training day = 200g protein, 50g fat, 330g carbs (+15% BMR)
      Rest day = 200g protein, 70g fat, 40 carbs (-30% BMR)

      I don't really calculate anything but the protein and carbs, let the fat fall where it may. This makes it actually feasible to stay on without spending hours a day counting calories. I don't really follow it to a T all the time...I just use a guide line of eating like a king on training days, usually a longer eating window, and make sure to hit the protein number. On rest days it's a longer fasting window (often 19-20 hours), and pure primal foods with as little carbs as humanly possible. Even on my training days, my carb of choice is sweet potatoes or rice. If you need half a cheesecake to feel like a human being though, this is the day to do it.

      The main thing is that you really stimulate a cut on your rest days. Eating 150g of carbs on a CUT day, regardless of overall re-comp or real cutting as a goal, will not give you the results you want very quickly. I know this is an older post, but I couldn't let that number just sit out there Good luck.
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        I agree those numbers are huge.
        I've used ripped body before few months ago.
        I do have to say iw want happy with his input and didnt give that great detailed advise. But his guidelines worked lost 5-10cms in most areas and strength increased.
        Have the same stats as theycallmelaz,
        Mine slightly diff was cutting .

        180g p, 225g c , 55 f training
        190g p , 30g c, 85 f rest

        Pretty easy only counted protein as I planned my primal carbs ahead sweet potato and worked out was 700g + 2 portions of fruit a day & then just oils & avocado & chocolate 90% or coconut flakes for fat !!!!

        Now trying carb back loading , but doing IF still and training mornings.