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Excess meat and acid/base balance - does it work ?

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  • Excess meat and acid/base balance - does it work ?

    Hey guys,

    Im new to the Primal Blueprint concept, for the two weeks I have been trying it out I have achieved
    pretty good results already. So its really appreciated and I like how the information given on the site is
    backed up by scientific research.

    However im thinking about one aspect that irritates me, that on the one hand the problem and importance
    of acid/base balance is mentioned in the book and on the other hand there is no warning that excessiv meat consume has a very negativ effect on that balance.

    From the information that I have on the topic Fish is about half as bad as meet (except chicken) for the acid/base balance. Furthermore Fish is much better in Omega3 and VitaminD3 also. So from my point of view it would make sense to strongly advocate not to go all meat or close in the meat/fish/egg group. Yet there is no such advice.

    I wonder why that is respectively if my information on the topic is flawed in some way.

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    There is no warning that excessive meat could have a negative effect on that balance because it really has no effect. I can't speak to any reference of acid/base balance in the book because I don't remember it.

    Acid/Base Balance as it Relates to Osteoporosis | Dr. Loren Cordain
    I think this kind of explains it.

    In short, unless you have osteoperosis, you probably don't need to worry about this.
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      Oh, the acid body / alkaline body thing was big a few years back. I guess he's following up that angle. Not everyone's been given contrary evidence yet.



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        Keep in mind that there are many hypothetical things people worry might cause problems, but about which no research-based evidence exists. Many people base their diets on these micro-hazards, while utterly ignoring things that do harm millions of people and regularly result in premature deaths.


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          Your Urine is Not a Window to Your Body: pH Balancing – A Failed Hypothesis | Science-Based Pharmacy

          Please read. Then relax and eat your meat.


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            I agree. There is no evidence to backup the whole "acid/base" thing. It sounds like another hunk of garbage science to sell books.

            "If you can't explain your diet or exercise regimen in 3 sentences or less, it was there to make money, not to help anyone."

            Primal = Eat, workout, and live as close to our ancestors as possible while still being happy and comfortable.
            Leangains = Eat in an 8 hour window while consuming no calories in the remainder. Workout with heavy compounds, be minimalist in what you lift, and track progress. In advanced stages of BF loss, carb cycle on training days.
            Same with Eat, Stop, Eat, Fat Chance by Lustig, or a dozen or so others. Selling BS is the rule, not the exception. Finding stuff NOT written by hucksters or charlatans is very hard to do.

            If it requires chemistry knowledge, a bosu ball, buying whole meals or shakes, mandated "core work", or someone screaming at you for effective intensity.....that routine is bullshit. Easy
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              I remember I have somewhere read that because meat causes acidity in the body, you should also eat fruits and vegetables to balance that out (since they are alkalinic for the body). But who knows for sure..? I only know that I feel best eating different foods.
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                excess meat turns onto glucose which raises insulin which slows down weight loss


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                  Thanks for the links provided. I guess my information about meat to have a way larger effect than fish/eggs wasnt exactly correct. So it should even out more easily with vegetables/fruits than I thought and should be ok if you eat enough of them.

                  However I see in the links given that the topic seems still to be controversial and there seems to be no evidence in either
                  direction. In the book its discussed on page 122.


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                    Originally posted by Finnegans Wake
                    Meat turns into glucose?
                    Yes excess protein turns onto glucose


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                      Originally posted by Martini View Post
                      In the book its discussed on page 122.
                      Not in my book, it's not. There's no reference to acid, base or alkaline in the Index either. Page 122 is about making primal food choices and how non-primal 'temptation' lessens the more you stick with primal food choices. Not sure what book you're reading.
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