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Fruits - With or without food?

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  • Fruits - With or without food?

    How do you all do with your fruit eating, I mean when do you eat it, how much and with what? Ive heard different stories like eat it with some fat so blood sugar spike isnt as big, another one is eat it on empty stomach because it digest so fast or something like that.

    Whats your thoughts and how do you do?

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    I'll have a piece (1/2 pear or an apple) before working out for a little extra energy boost. Other than that, I don't really eat it.


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      If it's a higher fructose fruit I make sure to eat it early in the day, or at-least before the workout of the day.

      I don't really snack... If im eating something it always has a protein. And I usually have fruit or veggies at every meal or I don't feel satisfied. It all depends on how you as an individual react to a combination of foods.

      The only reason you would eat it on an empty stomach or before a meal is to fill you up. Fruits are filled with water and nutrients, so they activate satiety hormones among satisfying thirst, which a lot of Americans mistake as hunger. And eating protein and/or fat with it would slow digestion and not cause as much of an insulin spike, so that's good too.
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        I used to be a huge fruit eater (2-3 apples a day) but now I have it maybe once or twice a week - a bowl of berries or an apple, or a mango or something in a salad. I eat them either in a salad or after dinner. If I have a very carby first meal of the day, it knocks me off-course the rest of the day, so I never have fruit with breakfast anymore.


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          As a treat Ill have apple slices with lots of almond butter spread on it. But I consider that like a dessert and put it in my 20%. Soooo delicious though. mmm
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