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Nutrtion Maple syrup vs. Honey

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    ^That video is pretty awesome! Raw local honey definitely has the benefit of helping with allergies, for some, but this makes me want to look into baking with dates Not as cheap as white sugar, but I bet it adds a nice flavor.
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      The only "problem" with dark brown sugar for me is that you can't get it organic. And since I believe that supporting organic food crop practices is important I prefer to buy organic raw cane sugar then add some of my own organic molasses to darken it for liquid applications where dates/date sugar isn't really applicable because of the fiber.

      I've been putting chopped dates into sweet potatoes FOREVER. It's insanely tasty IMO.
      It's what we did in my house as a kid because my parents were those weirdo "back to the land" hippies.
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        Honey vs maple syrup - it's been stated over and over. You're dealing with a sweetener, not a food, so looking at it from a nutrition standpoint isn't appropriate since it's mostly empty calories. It is equivalent to that of a refined oil - a useful cooking or flavoring tool, but not to be consumed as a significant source of calories. Of the two, maple syrup is probably a little more nutritious, but honey has other benefits such as allergy benefits.

        My two sweeteners I go to the most are coconut sugar and dark brown sugar. I love molasses for nutrient density as it rivals some whole foods, but it's a rough flavor that doesn't always mix. Dark brown sugar is actually a good middle ground. I use it sparingly, again, due to caloric density vs nutrients. YMMV.
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          I am experimenting putting some dark molasses, raisins, creatine and pure glucose with b-vitamin complex in my water bottle when working out. It seems to give good recovery, but I have to test it a few more weeks to make up my mind...
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            Didn't even know about date sugar. Thanks for posting. I like dates and use them in cooking.


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              I wondered about date sugar too. Now I'm going to have to try it for baking for the rest of my 'non-primal/paleo' household.
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