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Fast then massive binge - normal?!

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  • Fast then massive binge - normal?!

    Hey guys, quick question: I did my first fast yesterday, 18 hours.

    Is it normal to be eating loads (i mean horrendous amounts) more calories the next day? I've been snacking on loads of fatty snacks today. I think it probably defeats the point of fasting...


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    It defeats the purpose if you eat constantly throughout the day like an elephant or a vegan. It certainly doesn't if you have a big feast, or 2 or 3 large meals.
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      I don't think you should be eating significantly more.. You're probably just eating more because you THINK that it's okay or that you need more since you haven't eaten in 18hrs, but if you stop and really pay attention, you're probably not actually THAT hungry at all.

      And even if you eat more after the fast, you haven't defeated the purpose. During your fast your body is able to heal and repair (and a lot of other things involving growth hormone, insulin, leptin, etc that I can't think of right now) regardless
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        Thanks guys, I didn't overeat deliberately but next time I'll try to not overdo it. It might have been because i was a bit bored today, eating is fun lol

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          I find that for my first meal after a fast I have to make it Very Low Carb or my appetite is uncontrollable. If I eat one VLC meal after that my appetite is normal.
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            I agree- I have to go very low on my carbs after a fast too. Broke my 36-hour with eggs and pork steak.

            The day after a fast I do eat a little more than normal but not a lot. Being controlled, I think I end up with an extra 200-300 calories or somewhere there about. I figure if it's in the form of meat, it's doing a little extra repair. Just my 2 cents...


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              if i fast always anticipate my hunger and make much more than i can eat...i THINK im starving but once i have something to eat i realize im really not that hungry. i think its more in the head than actual hunger
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                For just about 35 years I have gone without ingesting anything but water, sometimes tea, and rarely coffee every Thursday---starting sundown Wednesday to sundown Thursday. I don't eat any extra on Friday--or on Wednesday. For me missing a meal or three is not a fast. Fasting to me is going a week or more without nutritional intake. I tend to do something like that at least two or three times a year. My rationale is body cleansing, not weight loss. During a fast, my tongue coats and breath stinks, body odor sometimes is evident. Signs of toxins being eliminated.
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                  You still get benefit from the fast, but it sounds like you're exceeding your caloric needs which is 1 reason fasting should be initiated.

                  Either fast everyday for about 16 hours and eat normally the other 8 hours, fast twice/week for 24 hours breaking your fast with a 500 calorie meal, or use a longer fast of say...60 hours..and then pig out to your heart's delight. I wouldn't necessarily recommend a pig fest after a 60 hour fast (you'll be running to the bathroom frequently) for a number of reasons, but if you must...