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C-Reactive Protein too high

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  • C-Reactive Protein too high

    My CRP is 0.78. It seems that many on this board have it less than 0.2.

    Any tips on how to lower it?

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    I saw elsewhere that you've been on PB 3 years. But still, you are doing 1or more things that is causing inflammation. It is unlikely that you have an infection because that would typically cause a number higher than 1.0.

    Unless you provide a lot more information about yourself and what you eat, not much more can be said.
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      I have some back and neck pain from too much office sitting and driving. Can that be considered as inflammation and a cause for high CRP?


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        I don't know the source of the .2 recommendation, but Dr. Philip Lee Miller of LEF (his book is entitled "Life Extension Revolution") gives a target of less than 0.5 mg/L, and I've found his targets to be rather strict.

        I suppose that inflammation from any source, including back pain, could raise one's levels. I know arthritis does. Dr. Miller gives a list of supplements that can help to lower CRP including nettle leaf extract, fish oil caps for adequate EPA/DHA, bromelain, ginger, curcumin, DHEA, Vitamin K and ginkgo biloba extract. His dietary recommendations include salmon & other fatty fish, avocado, olive oil, nuts & seeds, vegetables & fruits. He cautions against too many egg yolks, organ meats & fatty cuts of red meat (but I think this might not apply to grass fed?) because they are very rich sources of arachidonic acid, a precursor to pro-inflamatory cytokines. Also he said to avoid white bread & pasta, fruit juices, potatoes and white rice if you want to lower CRP, but I expect you may already be doing that.
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          Thanks, that's helpful. I'll try more fish and suggested oils.